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  • 04/07/19

    One Thing

    We’re surrounded by things that clamor for our attention: obligations, aspirations, and even fears. In the midst of what can ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 08/26/18

    Three Pictures of Patience

    When the Bible mentions patience, it doesn't refer to a virtue that we can create by self-effort or to ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 02/18/18

    Of Shepherding and Sea Walking

    When Jesus performed miracles—whether stretching a small meal to feed thousands, walking on water, or calming the raging sea—He wasn’t ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 09/03/17

    How to Walk Out of Church

    Amidst the negativity and stress that bombard our culture, how are Christians to respond? Scripture speaks clearly: let the peace ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 01/15/17

    Pressures and Promises

    Fear has a way of magnifying  circumstances and intensifying pressure to the point that the truth of a situation is ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 08/14/16

    Swallowing the Lie

    The fall of man is a well known story, yet there is much to learn by revisiting this familiar account ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 08/23/15

    Sandals by the Pool

    Scott Kennedy
  • 10/19/14

    Hope Again

    When circumstances are difficult and there is no end in sight, where can God's people turn for hope? The ...

    Scott Kennedy
  • 03/23/14

    Fence or Foundation

    God's word speaks to every aspect of our lives, including our marriages, our rest, and our worship.  In ...

    Scott Kennedy