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  • 04/14/19

    What True Greatness Is

    The pursuit of greatness is a powerful driving force. Mark 10 records the disciples James and John jostling for what ...

    Eric Pollitz
  • 12/16/18

    Learning to Trust Jesus in Life's Storms

    The trials that mark the storms of life often seem overwhelming. However, Mark 4:35-41 shows us that in the ...

    Eric Pollitz
  • 06/24/18

    A Tale of Two Loves

    Love for God and love for the world--as corrupted by sin and in rebellion against God--are mutually exclusive. Christians face ...

    Eric Pollitz
  • 04/09/17

    God's Faithfulness and Our Hope

    Nehemiah Chapter 9 records how the returning exiles expressed the conviction of sin that resulted when they heard the law ...

    Eric Pollitz
  • 01/08/17

    Our New Life in Christ

    Although the Colossians were committed believers, false teachers had entered the church, desiring to alter the truth of Gospel. The ...

    Eric Pollitz