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  • 03/31/19

    A Psalm for all Seasons

    Adam Romans
  • 07/08/18

    Belong to Jesus

    Belonging to Jesus drastically changes lives! In this study of Luke 19:1-10, we meet Zacchaeus, the rich, powerful tax ...

    Adam Romans
  • 04/08/18

    God and Taxes

    We frequently read in the gospels that religious leaders tried to trap Jesus with flattery and impossible questions. When, on ...

    Adam Romans
  • 07/02/17

    Jesus Against an Army of Evil

    Adam Romans
  • 07/24/16

    What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

    Jesus’ command to “Follow Me” is just as relevant now as inthe early church, and it is good to consider ...

    Adam Romans
  • 03/13/16

    A Picnic in the Desert

    Recorded in Mark 6:30-43 is the miraculous story of the feeding of 5000. With compassion and power, Jesus met ...

    Adam Romans
  • 04/26/15

    Practicing Patience

    Difficult circumstances often push us to the point of anger or despair, but James reminds us that those very difficulties ...

    Adam Romans
  • 11/23/14

    Jesus Calms the Storm

    After a busy day of conflict and ministry, Mark 4 records that Jesus led his disciples into a boat, across ...

    Adam Romans
  • 06/29/14

    By This We Know Love

    Loving one another is easy to talk about, but hard to do.  For those belong to Christ, however, it ...

    Adam Romans