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  • 08/07/20

    A Word from Alistair Begg for Parkside

    Alistair Begg reminds us that during a time when diverse and polarizing opinions abound about meeting again as a church, we must remember that the gospel is what grounds us and unites us, and should be our continued focus. He encourages us to use this time to be gospel men and women who will not allow anything, even important things, cloud the mission of spreading the Good News where we are placed.

    View the video here >

  • 07/16/20

    American Gospel Films

    For local documentary filmmaker Brandon Kimber, growing up in a church environment didn’t mean that he was hearing the gospel. In the church of his childhood, he heard that everyone deserves health and wealth, or that man is on par with God, and these distorted views of Christianity left him confused and questioning. Was Christianity Jesus plus the American Dream? Or Jesus plus wealth? Or was it different than that? 

    After listening to a sermon in college, Brandon started to see the true gospel come into focus. As he began to understand the gospel in a way that people around him were not, Brandon felt he needed a tool that would not only help him, but also help others communicate this truth.        


  • 06/26/20

    Derek Prime Thanksgiving Video

    We invite you on to watch a thanksgiving video on the life and legacy of Derek Prime.

    View Video Here >

    Derek Prime was a pastor at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh for many years, was a mentor and dear friend to Alistair Begg, and went home to be with Lord this past March. "He was constantly reminding us that, along with him, we were stewards of the gospel," said Alistair, in his written reflection on Derek for Banner of Truth magazine.

    If you haven't had the opportunity to get to know Derek through his teaching or writing, we encourage you to watch this video of a man who faithfully taught the Scriptures and reminded each one to "love what is good," according to the encouragement found in Titus 1:8. 

  • 06/15/20

    Foundations of the Faith

    Foundations of the Faith course postponed due to COVID-19


    Due to COVID-19 we do not have current plans for the Foundations of the Faith course. We do not have particular dates established but are hopeful that we can proceed with our courses in the fall. We apologize for the lack of definition but seek to be both respectful and prayerful as we consider these and other issues. As we are able to make steps towards worshipping inside and holding these courses we will update this information.

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