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  • 10/25/20

    Meet Parkside's Pastoral Residents

    Beginning a new job in a new place during a pandemic can be overwhelming, but for Parkside’s four new residents, it has allowed them an inside look to how a church makes decisions. “When we began in August, all the ministries were starting up and trying to figure out how the church is going to do that with COVID precautions,” Peter Lindia said. “It was cool to get to watch and see how they’re making decisions.” 

    The precautions have made it difficult to get acquainted though. “As far as ministry right now, it’s limited a lot of the kind of the human normalcy of ministry of getting together and being comfortable with each other. There’s always potential worries or scares there,” said Zachary Mashburn. Regardless, each resident is finding their place. 

  • 10/21/20

    Fall 2020 Care Groups

    Experiencing life’s hardships can often be difficult and lonely. Parkside’s Care Groups are designed to offer biblically-based encouragement and support for people facing specific situations. Some of these groups are beginning their fall session this week, with an option to meet online.

  • 10/14/20

    Communion Service-October 18

    We invite you to join us this Sunday at 6pm for our evening service with communion. There will be tables outside the Auditorium where you can pick up pre-packaged elements as you enter. If you are gluten free, please bring your own bread. 

  • 09/30/20

    PKS Membership Course-November 2020

    The Parkside Membership Course is a three-week series that gives an overview of who we are and what we believe as a church. The course meets on the first three Sundays of each month, except for certain holiday Sundays. The classes do not need to be completed sequentially and you do not need to pre-register to attend. This is a great course for those looking to become members as well as those interested in finding our more about Parkside Church. The next series of classes begins Sunday, November 1, 2020, at 11:15am in Room B208.

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