Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry provides biblical instruction to prison inmates through a partnership with Crossroads Prison Ministries. Individuals correspond with inmates who complete Bible courses and send them in the mail for feedback. Learn more about Crossroads at

Become a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a Crossroads Mentor, visit the following link and select if you would like to fill out their physical or online mentor application: If approved as a Crossroads Mentor, You will receive detailed Mentor Training Handbook to familiarize yourself with the Crossroads program, its goals, and procedures. As a mentor, you always remain anonymous.

The Process

Many mentors at Parkside Church have found this is a rewarding way to be involved in sharing the gospel with seekers and discipling young believers, in a non-threatening and effective way. Once your application has been approved, you'll be able to enter the rotation to review inmates' lessons:

1) Receive a lesson in the mail from Crossroads.
2) Review the lesson using the answer keys you will receive from Crossroads.
3) Write a one-page letter of encouragement to the student.
4) Mail the reviewed lesson and letter directly to the student.
5) Report the student's score to Crossroads online or by phone. 

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