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Prayer Calendar

"Pray also for us..."

So states the apostle Paul in a letter to believers in Colosse, acknowledging a somewhat stunning reality: though the Christians to whom he was writing were separated from him physically, they could nonetheless participate in his ministry! God’s people could join in God’s work of taking the Gospel to those who hadn’t heard it simply by praying for their missionary pastor.

These realities are no less true today. As a church, Parkside has been blessed with the opportunity to support many missionaries scattered around the world, all of whom are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus with people who have yet to hear and believe it. Can we really help them, being thousands of miles and numerous time zones away? According to Paul, yes! The purpose of this missionary prayer calendar is to inform you of what is going on in certain parts of the world, and invite you to participate in the work through prayer.

The format is simple. Each day, you will find a missionary or organization that Parkside supports, along with one of their specific prayer requests. You’ll also find a different country of the world and how you can best be praying for the people there.

Our hope in arranging this is that you’ll know the privilege of participating in the work of the Gospel, which as Paul also tells the Colossians, is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. We trust that praying for the nations will increase our heart for the world, causing us to increasingly desire and work towards seeing unbelieving people of all nations become committed followers of Christ!

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Supported Worker: Jeffrey & Katherine Robinson
Country: Germany
Details: Join the Robinsons in praise for the successful surgery and recovery of Ludwig - the son of Pastor Sebastian with whom the Robinson’s served ten years in Leipzig, Germany. Ludwig is recovering well from recent brain surgery to remove a tumor that has proven to be non-malignant. Sebastian and his wife, Andrea, thank God for His loving mercy and sustaining grace. They send thanks to the many people at Parkside Church who prayed for Ludwig and their family during this time. Pray for Jeffrey and Katherine as they continue to seek full-time employment in the U.S. and for clarity and ... more >
Supported Worker: Mark & Patti Bean
Countries: Peru, United States of America
Details: Give thanks for the answers to two of last month’s prayer requests—the first 3 Bibles are off to South Korea for printing which means the celebration and dedication of the arrival of these translations scheduled for August 10 should work out for the Huaylas Quechua group. Pray for the few JAWCA team members who are trying to coordinate dates for dedications for the other two Bibles over in the state of Huanuco. Pray for their daughter Emily who had thyroid surgery on March 13, in Houston. Pray for a good recovery and for wisdom in the next steps in her ... more >
Supported Worker: Brian Walls
Country: United States of America
Details: Praise the Lord that 19 inmates at the State Youth Detention Center on Green Road in Highland Hills were baptized in one night on February 13! Please pray for the discipleship of these young men. Please pray that the Lord would work in the lives of students from Hawken, Hathaway Brown, Laurel, and University School during their Private School Treehouse Retreat, March 18-20, as they learn about the truths of the Bible in this creative setting. Please pray for the Cavs team chaplains as they speak to a small crowd of troubled young men about the life-changing message of Jesus ... more >
Supported Worker: Delhi Bible Institute
Country: India
Details: Thank God for the Annual Medical & Dental Camp that was held in January in Delhi, Dehradun and Lucknow. 339 patients were screened for any medical concerns and treated. Parkside Church’s team participated in the camp. Thank God for the chance that Pastor Isaac & Gloria Shaw had to go on deputation in the USA. They had the privilege of ministering to and challenging 4,000 Cedarville University students to missions and prayer. Isaac also spoke to Korean and Chinese churches in the US. Continue to pray for partnerships to be strengthened all around the world. Pray for the 20 ... more >
Supported Worker: Chris and Leanne Harrington
Country: Japan
Details: Pray for Chris and Leanne as a family. They will be returning to America at the end of this month. There will be many goodbyes and much packing this month. It will be physically and emotionally hard for all the family. Please pray they end their time there well. Germany (Europe). Theological education was a major cause of decline in the national Church, because the unchallenged monopoly of state-endorsed academic training and the continued influence of higher criticism undermined confidence in God’s Word. Pray for more professors who openly proclaim the Truth in these institutions, and pray for greater numbers ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Church: Westside
Country: United States of America
Details: Thirty students, many of whom were guests of regular students, attended their recent winter youth retreat and heard God’s Word proclaimed. Pray that the seeds that were planted in the hearts of unbelievers would result in faith to believe in Christ. Join Parkside Church Westside in praying for volunteers for their growing children’s ministry. Let us continue to call out to the Lord with them for a permanent facility for their Sunday gatherings. Lift to the Lord the Community Bible Study Groups that meet in homes during the week. Pray that the Lord will make known to them the path ... more >
Supported Worker: Indigenous Church-Planting Training in Arab and Muslim Countries
Details: Praise God that the new missionary training school in South Sudan opened the first week of February! This is the culmination of many years of work and planning. They also rejoice that God has raised-up two leaders to come alongside the pastor to run the school, as well as a couple who will help mentor the students. Pray for the first session of training to go smoothly. Pray for another new branch of the training school that they hope to open in a different African country in October. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise-up more workers to ... more >