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Prayer Calendar

"Pray also for us..."

So states the apostle Paul in a letter to believers in Colosse, acknowledging a somewhat stunning reality: though the Christians to whom he was writing were separated from him physically, they could nonetheless participate in his ministry! God’s people could join in God’s work of taking the Gospel to those who hadn’t heard it simply by praying for their missionary pastor.

These realities are no less true today. As a church, Parkside has been blessed with the opportunity to support many missionaries scattered around the world, all of whom are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus with people who have yet to hear and believe it. Can we really help them, being thousands of miles and numerous time zones away? According to Paul, yes! The purpose of this missionary prayer calendar is to inform you of what is going on in certain parts of the world, and invite you to participate in the work through prayer.

The format is simple. Each day, you will find a missionary or organization that Parkside supports, along with one of their specific prayer requests. You’ll also find a different country of the world and how you can best be praying for the people there.

Our hope in arranging this is that you’ll know the privilege of participating in the work of the Gospel, which as Paul also tells the Colossians, is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. We trust that praying for the nations will increase our heart for the world, causing us to increasingly desire and work towards seeing unbelieving people of all nations become committed followers of Christ!

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Supported Worker: Chris and Leanne Harrington
Country: Japan
Details: Praise God for Chris’s safe return from SEND’s Directors’ Counsel in Thailand. It was an encouraging and valuable time. Leanne felt our prayers while Chris was away. Please pray that the strength of the missionaries of SEND would come from being in the presence of Jesus, not just strategizing and laboring. December lends itself to many ministry opportunities due to the Christmas holiday. Pray for wisdom for Chris and Leanne and their Japanese ministry partners as they plan events, invite, and spend time with people this month. Pray that God will be glorified and made known in all they do ... more >
Supported Worker: Kep & Debbie James in Africa, Latin America, & the United States
Details: Pray for Kep and the Equipping Servants International (ESI) team who are in Liberia until December 10 leading two facilitator training seminars. Please pray that the Lord will use this time to encourage each of the 210 church leaders to study the Bible, to understand its central message, to live it, and to teach and preach it—faithfully impacting churches across Liberia. Dominican Republic (Caribbean). Population: 11,332,972 Believers: 9.1%. Pray for endurance, provision, and faithfulness for those called to minister, especially those serving in the poorer, rural areas. Pray that the 15 or so Bible schools and the ... more >
Supported Worker: Bobby & Julie in Central Asia
Details: Continue to pray for their language learning. Pray for local believers who are exploring ministry opportunities and for openings to share the gospel and build relationships. Bobby and Julie are expecting a baby boy this February and will need to travel for the birth of the baby. Pray for the planning and logistics involved and for the health of Julie and the baby. Dominica (Caribbean). Population: 73,040 Believers: 16.8%. The Carib Indians live on an isolated reservation on the northeast coast of Dominica. They are among the last indigenous peoples in the Caribbean to survive the arrival of ... more >
Supported Workers: Goran (& Beth) Tomic, Matt (& Laura) Pheneger, Jon (& Ruthie)
Country: United States of America
Details: Ambassadors Football has not had a mission leadership meeting together since 2019—a time when the country leaders from over 30 countries come together with the senior leadership and board to pray and have fellowship together. Lord willing, they will do that from October 14 to 21 of 2024. Jon’s assistant, Rachel is going to Germany to work on plans for the conference. Please pray that all the details that God wants to happen will come together, including guest speakers, and that the Holy Spirit would be present and speak in and through those who are there in a profound way ... more >
Supported Worker: Kep & Debbie James in Africa, Latin America, & the United States
Details: The last week of November and the first week of December, Kep and Paulo will be leading two ESI facilitator training retreats in Monrovia and Harper, Liberia. Pray that the Lord will bless all the ESI groups starting in Africa as they study the book of Romans, moving each of these men and women toward Jesus and real gospel transformation in their lives. Denmark (Europe). Population: 5,910,913 Believers: 3.5%. Denmark retains a core of Christian traditions and values in its social laws and values. And Danes began to show more openness to spiritual things in recent years ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Church: Westside
Country: United States of America
Details: Pray for Parkside Church Westside as they continue to spread the gospel locally and globally. Pray that their members will love and serve their neighbors in Lakewood, boldly proclaiming Christ in whatever mission field the Lord has placed them. Pray for their community groups as they study Mark. As the holiday season approaches, pray that the families they will serve through their Christmas Store will feel loved and cared for, and that they will be open to hearing more about our Savior. Please pray for a church family abroad who is working with a minority language group to advance the ... more >
Supported Worker: Indigenous Church Planting Organization in Arab & Muslim Countries
Details: Pray for Somali Christians to learn well and be able to take the light of Christ back to Somalia. Pray for wisdom in choosing students for the missionary training school in Morocco and for God's protection over them as they study. Pray for new field workers from Niger, Rwanda, Central African Republic, and Cameroon that have recently graduated and will soon be heading out to the field. Pray for protection, discernment in placement, and to go out in God's strength. Cuba (Caribbean). Population: 11,194,449 Believers: 8.8%. Evangelical churches were devastated by waves of emigration to ... more >