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Prayer Calendar

"Pray also for us..."

So states the apostle Paul in a letter to believers in Colosse, acknowledging a somewhat stunning reality: though the Christians to whom he was writing were separated from him physically, they could nonetheless participate in his ministry! God’s people could join in God’s work of taking the Gospel to those who hadn’t heard it simply by praying for their missionary pastor.

These realities are no less true today. As a church, Parkside has been blessed with the opportunity to support many missionaries scattered around the world, all of whom are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus with people who have yet to hear and believe it. Can we really help them, being thousands of miles and numerous time zones away? According to Paul, yes! The purpose of this missionary prayer calendar is to inform you of what is going on in certain parts of the world, and invite you to participate in the work through prayer.

The format is simple. Each day, you will find a missionary or organization that Parkside supports, along with one of their specific prayer requests. You’ll also find a different country of the world and how you can best be praying for the people there.

Our hope in arranging this is that you’ll know the privilege of participating in the work of the Gospel, which as Paul also tells the Colossians, is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. We trust that praying for the nations will increase our heart for the world, causing us to increasingly desire and work towards seeing unbelieving people of all nations become committed followers of Christ!

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Supported Workers: Neri (& Karina) Rivera, Edgar (& Lety) Rivera
Country: Mexico
Details: Pray that God would give Edgar wisdom in assembling a Mexican Board for the MAF work in Mexico. Pray for the three ESI groups that he is leading in Oaxaca and for the Bible study he recently started with a new believer in the town of San Lucas, which has been traditionally closed to the gospel. Pray that their ministry in a local church would bear fruit. Pray for continued rehab for Edgar’s shoulder. Pray that God would provide open doors for their son, Juan, and his wife, Amy, as they prepare for missions in a closed country. Pray that ... more >
Supported Worker: Mark & Patti Bean
Countries: Peru, United States of America
Details: Thank you for praying for Patti’s trip to Peru last month. It was obvious that the timing of this trip was orchestrated by God. A conference had just taken place in a big jungle city that brought many church leaders together. The language group that Patti met with had speakers from both Peru and Brazil, and there were more leaders from that language group than she expected. They had a great conversation about their language, its use, their mission work, and their desire to have all of God’s Word available to them. Patti and Mark are thankful for our prayers ... more >
Supported Worker: Shoreline Church
Country: United States of America
Details: Shoreline is grateful for yet another opportunity to offer mini camps for families with young children in the local community this summer. Pray that there will be a gospel impact on the families and volunteers who participate in the Baking Camp, June 11 and 13, as well as the Brick Building Camp, June 18 and 20. Pray that God provides the volunteers needed to help with the annual Ambassadors Soccer Camp they host in July. Thank the Lord for a great school year of outreach for Youth For Christ with the Campus Life Private Schools outreach. The Bible studies at ... more >
Supported Worker: Church Plant Training Ministry in Asia
Details: Thank the Lord for their recent Bible conference. Pray for the recruitment of new students in different parts of their country—that their team will go to the right places and find committed students to apply. Pray for the Lord to give them faithful interns. Pray for the Lord's hand to continually lead and sustain the work of the ministry of sharing the Word. British Virgin Islands (Caribbean). Population: 31,763 Believers: 27.3%. The motto of the Virgin Islands is, “Where there’s no vision, the people will perish.” Pray that local Christians might recover a powerful vision for ... more >
Supported Worker: Thapelo (& Grace) Thaele
Country: South Africa
Details: The winter season has begun in South Africa, and poor people are faced with the challenge of keeping warm. The youth in the church are collecting clothes and blankets for the needy. Pray for this project to be successful and that the people served will see Jesus through their actions and experience his love over their lives. Pray for many people to participate and that they will be blessed as they give. Brazil (Latin America). Population: 217,637,297 Believers: 26.3%. The emergence of evangelicals in Brazil has been dramatic. Yet despite the growth, there are many prayer needs ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Green
Country: United States of America
Details: Please ask the Lord to open doors for Parkside Green’s gospel outreach locally as they prepare to hold several themed summer camps for kids. Globally, ask the Lord to bear lasting fruit through the missionaries they support in Dubai, UAE, and Arua, Uganda. Pray for Bryan and Erin Joseph and their four children, who are preparing for fulltime mission work in Mazatlan, Mexico. Botswana (Africa). Population: 2,719,694 Believers: 8.1%. Botswana is a rare African state—economic growth is steady, corruption rare, and a multiparty democracy the norm. Praise God for the stability that enables the government to build ... more >
Supported Worker: Equipping Servants International (ESI)
Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Chile, Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Zambia, Zimbabwe
Details: Pray for the 2,850 ESI participants, in 250 groups, in 30 countries, with 3,200 total graduates since beginning in 2002. Pray that these men and women will grow in their love for God as they study the Scriptures and that they will experience gospel transformation in their lives, relationships, and local churches. Bosnia (Europe). Population: 3,194,378 Believers: 0.1%. Evangelical believers have increased significantly but still represent only a miniscule proportion of the population. Pray for believers and their witness in this divided land. Bosnia is not a spiritually receptive place; pray that many hearts might ... more >