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Prayer Calendar

"Pray also for us..."

So states the apostle Paul in a letter to believers in Colosse, acknowledging a somewhat stunning reality: though the Christians to whom he was writing were separated from him physically, they could nonetheless participate in his ministry! God’s people could join in God’s work of taking the Gospel to those who hadn’t heard it simply by praying for their missionary pastor.

These realities are no less true today. As a church, Parkside has been blessed with the opportunity to support many missionaries scattered around the world, all of whom are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus with people who have yet to hear and believe it. Can we really help them, being thousands of miles and numerous time zones away? According to Paul, yes! The purpose of this missionary prayer calendar is to inform you of what is going on in certain parts of the world, and invite you to participate in the work through prayer.

The format is simple. Each day, you will find a missionary or organization that Parkside supports, along with one of their specific prayer requests. You’ll also find a different country of the world and how you can best be praying for the people there.

Our hope in arranging this is that you’ll know the privilege of participating in the work of the Gospel, which as Paul also tells the Colossians, is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. We trust that praying for the nations will increase our heart for the world, causing us to increasingly desire and work towards seeing unbelieving people of all nations become committed followers of Christ!

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Supported Worker: Matt (& Laura) Pheneger
Country: United States of America
Details: While turkeys and Christmas trees are currently on the minds of many throughout the U.S., visions of soccer balls and World Cup victories are dancing in the heads of millions worldwide. FIFA predicts that 1 million people will attend a live match of the World Cup tournament and that more than 3 billion people will tune in for televised matches. In anticipation of the festivities, Ambassadors Football created a fun line-up of World Cup resources that can be used in football and children’s ministries around the world. Please pray that as they share these resources with connections around the ... more >
Supported Worker: Johannes (& Mathapelo) Thaele
Country: South Africa
Details: The weather is warm in South Africa. The children have completed writing their final exams, and they are enjoying summer with a lot of rain. Johannes is working on the possibility of starting a church service for students and youth in the university. Some of the university management are excited about the idea, but there has been no decision from the whole team yet. Pray for favor for the proposal. The whole month of December, their church is planning to have a crusade reminding people about the birth of our Lord Jesus. Please pray for the success of this project ... more >
Supported Worker: Scranton Road Bible Church
Country: United States of America
Details: Pray for them as they expand their nursery and kids’ classrooms to make room for growth. Pray for both physical and spiritual protection for several young families who are facing some very tough circumstances. Pray for their Christmas Store outreach. Pray that the gospel will be made plain and that families who participate will have hearts opened to God’s love. Praise God for the testimonies that are being shared in their neighborhood Bible study on Tuesday mornings. The picture of Jesus’ redeeming work in the lives of people is spectacular. Pray for their friends and neighbors without housing as the ... more >
Supported Worker: Amy Cottle
Country: Thailand
Details: Praise the Lord for two short-term workers, Elizabeth and Simone, who will be helping with the many Christmas outreaches this year. Pray that God will give them a vision for their part in the Great Commission. Amy and her team are grateful for our prayers each Christmas season. Please pray that the gospel message will be clearly presented to those with open hearts. Pray also for strength, energy, and enthusiasm at each event. Ireland (Europe). Population: 5,145,254, Believers: 1.5%. Evangelicals are experiencing sustained growth. The immigration surge contributed to this, with around one-third of evangelicals coming from ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Church: Westside
Country: United States of America
Details: Parkside Church Westside appreciates prayer as they continue to spread the gospel locally and globally. Please pray that they would continue to love and serve their neighbors in Lakewood. As they hold their Christmas Store for Lakewood families in need, pray for opportunities to show these families the love of Jesus and that they would be drawn to hope in Christ. Pray for Garden Christian Academy and the work they are doing to bring the good news of Jesus to their students. Pray for the members of Parkside Westside to boldly proclaim Christ daily in the mission fields the Lord ... more >
Supported Worker: Indigenous Church-Planting Training in Arab and Muslim Countries
Details: Heavy rains totally swamped the retreat center that the ministry uses for the missionary school in Chad. Unfortunately, nothing else suitable could be found at a reasonable price, so they must wait for the water to subside and the sun to dry the land before school can begin. There is also turmoil and demonstrations in N'Djamena, the capital. People have been killed and injured as they demonstrate against the government which has allowed much poverty and suffering. Pray for God's mercy on this nation and for his protection over the students and their 64 workers in the field ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Green
Country: United States of America
Details: Please pray for God to use Pastor Adam’s Advent series to prepare them to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Pray for the Lord to draw many to himself at their Christmas outreach service on December 18. Finally, ask the Lord to provide a smooth transition back to Uganda for their aviation missionary family who have been on home assignment. The Islands of Indonesia (Asia). Population: 254,217,770, Believers: 5.6%. A spiritual conflict rages for Indonesia. Ancient and strong occult powers seek to oppose the influence of the gospel, while modern Muslim stratagems seek to eliminate Christianity and remove ... more >