The Harrington Family


Chris and Leanne are church planting missionaries with SEND International in Shichigahama, Japan.

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  • Harrington Family September 2020 Prayer Requests

    *We thank and praise God that our first outreach event in the Shichigahama community in so many months. One Of Mark’s friends from school came to this event. And then he brought his whole family to our church plant that Sunday, fellowship and worship. Pray we would have more opportunities to share more about Christ with them and they would continue to come to church.


    *Pray for opportunities where we can love and serve our community. Through community events, volunteering or just seeing a need and being able to fill it. May The Lord also lead us to relationships we can pour into here in Shichigahama.


    *Our hope is to start some new English outreach classes and gatherings. There have been people in the area who have shown and interest in gathering with us to learn English. May it be an opening for us to share the unconditional love we have received from Christ. And for them to see our unshakable hope we have in Jesus Christ.

  • Harrington Family August 2020 Prayer Requests

    Thank you all for your prayers! We are blessed as we think and pray for our Parkside church family.


    *Please pray for our church plant here in Shichigahama, as we work through putting together a vision and mission statement.


    *Pray for continued unity as we think and pray about the direction of ministry we feel the Lord calling us to. Pray for wisdom.


    *Please also pray for new relationships to be formed with others here in Shichigahama.


    *Lastly, we would appreciate continued prayers for our kids as they continue to adjust to a new school and new friends.

  • Harrington Family July 2020 Prayer Requests

    *Sadly many of our summer ministry events have needed to be cancelled due to COVID-19. Please pray for how we can show and share Christ’s love to others during this time. May the Lord provide opportunities to be able to meet with people to encourage and grow in our relationships.


    *As we continue our focus as a church plant on Shichigahama, our desire is to find ways we can meet the felt needs of our community. Pray the Lord will give us clarity and wisdom on how to best care for the needs and share Christ with the people of Shichigahama.

The Harrington Family

Chris & Leanne

Chris and Leanne are church planting missionaries with SEND International in Shichigahama, Japan.