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Chris and Leanne are church planting missionaries with SEND International in Shichigahama, Japan.

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  • Chris & Leanne June 2022 Prayer Requests

    * In the past, we have asked for prayer for a mother and her son. The son has a genetic disorder which needed a blood transplant and treatment. We thank the Lord that his blood count has recently come back at only 10% bad blood. He needs to make it to 0% bad blood before he can go back to school. Please pray the Lord will bring about the last little bit of healing. His mother also completed her chemotherapy and is doing better.


    They have really been through the ringer with the different health issues. We praise the Lord that they have decided to come to church the last couple weeks. May the Holy Spirit lead in conversations to be able to more fully share the fullness of God’s love with them.


    * Also, be in prayer for Chris as he begins to work at networking different churches and missions in the Tohoku area. One of the things which will help the church in Japan moving forward is the unity of the church. Coming around the pastors for mutual support and for cooperation.

  • Chris & Leanne May 2022 Prayer Requests

    Spring is in full swing. This time of year is full of new beginnings and this year is no exception. Since the pandemic began, the borders of Japan have been closed to new residents-which means we have had new missionaries waiting to come and join the work in the field.


    Recently, Japan has reopened their borders and now we have 9 new missionaries arriving. It has been hectic, but we are so blessed by the Lord to have these brothers and sisters here now. Some of whom have been waiting for over a year with 100% of their support raised. Please pray the Lord will help us to find the neighborhoods and communities he desires our new coworkers to live and minister. Pray for the new ministry partnerships to be blessed. And for language to come easily to them as they begin learning Japanese.


    We thank and praise the Lord for sending more harvesters into the fields. May he send more still.

  • Chris & Leanne April 2022 Prayer Requests

    * During the month of March in Japan, people are preparing for upcoming changes in their lives. April is a time when many people change jobs and start the new school year. With this comes some goodbyes and preparations for new beginnings. Please pray the Lord will give wisdom and opportunities for Chris and Leanne to share Christ’s love and good news with their neighbors and friends during this time.


    * Pray also for wisdom for the church leadership as they plan a new year of ministry in Shiogama and Shichigahama.

The Harrington Family

Chris & Leanne

Chris and Leanne are church planting missionaries with SEND International in Shichigahama, Japan.