New Baby

New Baby

New Baby

Our new baby meals ministry serves families as they welcome new babies into their homes. Teams provide meals for families who have just added a child to their family by either adoption or birth. 

The Process

When a baby is born, parents are asked to contact the church office at 440-543-1212 and we'll notify New Baby Meals Coordinator. The Coordinator will reach out to the family and get more information about food allergies, family size, foods to avoid, etc. and assign a team in the family's region to provide meals. 


Volunteers prepare and deliver a meal to a mom in their area. As a team member, you will be contacted to schedule a day to take a meal. Your team coordinator will provide you with all information about the family you will be serving (i.e. food allergies, family size, foods to avoid, etc.) as well as an address and contact information.

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