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  • Sep

    The Miracle of Man Simulcast

    Is mankind an error-prone accident of nature or a masterpiece of engineering, ingenuity, and intention? For those of us who believe in the marvelous design of mankind, how might we respond well to those who think we are nothing more than an accident? This year's Westminster Conference on Science and Faith explores the uniqueness of human beings in relation to God, to human society, and to physiology, biology, paleontology, and genetics. The content is designed to be accessible to a broad audience, believers and skeptics alike. Please join us at Parkside for this simulcast event! Friday, September 29, 2023  |  6pm - 9pm

  • Summer 2023 at Parkside

    The next few months at Parkside you'll find unique opportunities for you and your children to connect with others, serve our community, and grow in your faith, all while enjoying the warmth and beauty of summer. Please be sure to mark your calendars for our outdoor evening services, and register your children for VBC, coming up in just two weeks!

  • Sunday Services for March 26, 2023

    Parkside Church is currently without power.

    For Sunday, March 26, 2023:

    • Our 9am and 10:30am Sunday services have been cancelled. All other morning events are also cancelled.

    • At this time, our 6pm service is still scheduled, pending power restoration.

      Please check back here for updates regarding this evening's service.

    Thank you for your understanding.