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  • An Update from Parkside Heights

    And when they arrived and gathered the church together, they declared all that God had done with them…-Acts 14:27 (ESV) 


     We see in the book of Acts the pattern of Christian workers being sent out from a church and then reporting back to those who sent them all that God had done.  As those who were sent out by Parkside Church in late 2021/early 2022 to plant a church, it is our privilegeto share with you a little of what God has done in the last year!   

    The decision to pursue a church plant in the Heights began with a map of where Parkside members live. As we researched, we discovered that there was a large concentration of members in Cleveland Heights, University Heights, Shaker Heights, and Beachwood who would be well-served by having a nearby Parkside church plant.  For the benefit of these people, as well as that of the wider community, we began to target the Heights area for a new church.   



  • An Update from Missionaries Bobby and Julie

    It has been just over a month since we arrived in Central Asia. While we greatly desire to communicate more with the family of God for the sake of your prayers, it has been hard to keep up with so much happening. We have many things to give thanks for and many prayer requests.

    When starting off in a new country there are, as you might imagine, a lot of logistics. It can be overwhelming. Finding a place to live, visas, transportation, language learning, and children’s schooling are some of the major tasks with which we have been occupied. We are thankful for our teammates’ hard work and God’s provision so that within days we were able to sign a lease despite the housing shortage.

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  • Meet the Newest Parkside Team Members

    JP Hendrick joined the Parkside team in August of this year as an accountant. JP is from North Carolina and lives in Copley where he attends Parkside Green with his wife, Debbie.

    Dave Carson has been with the Parkside accounting team since February of 2022. Dave is an Ohio native, lives in Sagamore Hills, and prior to joining our team worked in real estate law.

    Carla Carlos has a background in education with a specialty in teaching dyslexic children. She joined our team in the spring of 2022. She has four adult children and three grandchildren.

    Allie Mach has been attending Parkside since she was a year old! She has been involved in Parkside's student ministry for a number of years before joining our team full-time as an administrative assistant in February of 2022.

    Sirisha Kolli joined our team in April of 2022 as our database administrator. Originally from southern India, she now lives in Aurora, and she and her husband have two children.

    Renee joined the Parkside team in January 2022 after working for Truth For Life in Customer Service. She is a Cleveland State University graduate, and she and her husband Colin live in Twinsburg.

    Jennifer Holshuer (not pictured), has been a part of our cafe operations for a number of years and has recently taken on the role of cafe manager. She and her family live in Solon.