Parkside Missionaries

Our Missions Philosophy

Several years ago the elders at Parkside moved from supporting many people with a little bit of funding to supporting a smaller amount of people with a lot of funding. The idea behind this transition was to strengthen the relationship between our church and our missionaries, that we might adequately care for them while on the field and that they might sharpen our desire to see unbelievers reached for Christ.

Practically, this means that our primary approach is now to cover 100% of our missionaries’ financial needs so that they can focus their time and energy on their ministry rather than on raising support. We still offer partial financial support to some of the missionaries who we had been partnering with before the transition, as well as some other organizations and individuals.

When our missionaries are home, we provide housing and transportation. When they are away, we speak with them regularly and highlight their activity through various avenues so that our people can stay abreast of their progress and enter into their work by praying for them. Our role does not replace the work of mission agencies, but we seek to provide our missionaries with ongoing care in one place so that the missionary isn't preoccupied with raising more funding and wearing themselves out before going back to the field.

Our Missionaries