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Mark and Patti serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators, working among Quechua speakers in the Andes mountains of central Peru.

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  • Mark & Patti November 2022 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for Mark as he slowly works his way through the book of Genesis, checking it for the Panao Quechua translation team. It is a BIG book!

    * Continue to pray for the new team of Bible sellers - that they would not shy from getting out to make God's word available in Quechua.

  • Mark & Patti September-October 2022 Beans'Talk

    Download the September-October 2022 Beans'Talk

    Oh, for a heart to respond like this!

    Our colleague in Peru, Rachel Yanac, taught through the book of Luke with Quechua ladies in her neighborhood. The Quechua women were amazed by every detail as they heard Scripture for the first time in their language. Before presenting chapter 21 which talks about Jesus’ return, Rachel did some extra study. She thought the grannies would be baffled by the difficult verses. Imagine her surprise when they heard the passage and their response was,

    “Jesus is coming HERE! What are we going to feed him?”

    The conversation that followed

    As they considered their question, one granny planned to butcher her prize lamb, while another offered the guinea pigs she had been raising for special occasions. These delicacies would make a perfect meal for Jesus when he came to their homes.

    These Quechua women live in houses with adobe walls and dirt floors, tiny windows that barely let in light, soot-darkened rooms from cooking fires where they had prepared meals for so many years. Not a single woman worried about how her house would look when Jesus came. Instead, they focused on what they saw as the obvious need—feeding the traveler when he arrived. And not just feeding him any old thing but offering their best.

    Oh, that we might live expectantly, offering Jesus our best each day!


  • Mark & Patti October 2022 Prayer Requests

    Praise: In September Mark completed the consultant check of 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1, 2 & 3 John, and Jude for the Sihuas Quechua team. He also checked Hosea, Micah and Joel for the Panao Quechua team. Then, via the internet he "sat in with" the Panao team for 7 days while they read those books with people who weren't involved in the translation, in order to see how well they understood them. That gave rise to more observations and improvements to the translation. Additionally, he's been tweaking computer programs to automate preparing an easy-to-follow report of spelling mistakes that he can present to the translation teams.


    Pray: There's a lot of back and forth that goes on between a team and the consultant. Mark, as consultant, makes observations and suggestions. The team looks at each one and responds. Mark checks their response. Sometimes he can just say, "Great!" and move on to the next note. Other times, he needs to clarify the issue or make another suggestion. Pray for attention to detail and clarity.


The Bean Family

Mark and Patti Bean

Mark and Patti serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators, working among Quechua speakers in the Andes mountains of central Peru.