The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.

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  • Andrew & Angie James May 2018 Prayer Requests

    *Praise: after a pair of weeks where no one came to our Thursday Bible studies, we suddenly had a number of new visitors (both believers and non-believers). Please pray that God would use these studies to strengthen believers and to save unbelievers.

    *Pray: After having met for over a year with the young people at Paso Carrasco (a poor neighborhood in Montevideo), some of them confessed that they didn't really believe that the Bible is God's Word - and therefore don't believe anything we're teaching them. Please pray that God would give us wisdom to know how to address their questions, and that He would touch their hearts. Please pray also that God would give us perseverance to continue even when the "fruit" doesn't come as quickly as we would like.

    *Pray: Please pray that we would keep our priorities straight - that we would make sure not neglect our time with the Lord or our family in the business of life.

  • Andrew & Angie James April 2018 Prayer Requests

    * ESI has officially started out the year in Uruguay. All in all, there are now about 60 people going through the program (in Uruguay). Please pray that God would use this training to raise up a generation of church leaders who love the Lord and are well grounded in His Word.

    * I'll be traveling to Chile on April 11th to assist with the ESI training they will be holding there. Please pray for safe travels and that God would give us wisdom to know if we should implement a similar ESI facilitator training in Uruguay.

    * Please continue to pray for the Bible studies we are involved with - that God would continue to bring non-believers and that He would give us boldness and grace to faithfully proclaim the gospel.

    Thank you!


  • Andrew & Angie James February 2018 Update

    Greetings from Uruguay!

    We hope this email finds you well! As we approach the beginning of the school year (the first week of March) and activities begin to resume, we wanted to take a minute to give you a brief update.

    Nicole and Camille successfully completed their first year of school and will be starting year 2 on March 1st – Nicole in 2nd grade and Camille in Kindergarten. (Zack is still too small and will be enjoying life at home!) Please pray for Nicole and Camille as they return to classes in March.

    We wanted to thank you for your prayers regarding housing. As you know, our previous landlord decided to sell the house we were living in and we had to find a new place. Despite limited housing options for non-Uruguayans, we were able to find a house that meets our needs and moved in a few weeks ago. Thanks for your prayers!

    Though we had many ministry opportunities during the summer, the ministries we support start back in full strength in March. These include "Equipping Servants", as well as the Thursday and Friday Bible studies, and Angie’s Bible study with women. We continue to move toward church planting and hold meetings every month to plan and pray with our team. Please pray that God would guide our steps. 

    Celsa: we wanted to update you on Angie’s Grandmother, Celsa. As many of you know, towards the end of last year Celsa fell on her side, cracked her hip, and started experiencing many complications. At first, they thought she might recover, but soon the doctors began to find additional problems – including cancer. Very quickly, her health began to decline.

    What concerned Angie most, more than the medical condition itself, was the fact that Celsa did not yet know Christ. For years, Celsa had been resistant to the gospel. Angie prayed for her regularly – that when it came time for her to pass, she would have enough time to think, repent and recognize her need for a Savior. Thankfully, Angie’s prayers were answered.

    Upon entering the hospital, both Angie’s parents and my mom (Debbie) had ample opportunities to share the gospel with her. At first, she thought it was too simple to be true – she insisted that her works must have some place in her salvation. But as the days went on, she slowly began to understand the gospel and eventually put her faith in Christ.

    Angie was able to take a short trip to visit Celsa in November. Though she initially thought she would play a part in Celsa’s salvation, she soon came to see that by the time she arrived God had already done the work in her heart. It was great to see that though God allowed Angie to go and be with her grandmother before she died, He didn't ultimately need her to be there for Him to save Celsa - He was simply gracious to let Angie go to see what He had already done.

    We were sad to see Celsa go, but we thank God for the gift of salvation and the hope of eternal life. This is the same gift we pray will come to the people of Uruguay.

    Thanks for partnering with us in your prayers!


    The James Family

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.