The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie are church planting missionaries in Montevideo, Uruguay with Servants In Mission (SIM).

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  • Andrew & Angie June 2022 Prayer Requests

    * We are thankful that our family is doing well and that our children seem to be walking with the Lord from an early age. Please pray that they would continue to grow in their faith as they grow up in a secular school environment.

    * Please pray for wisdom as we consider schooling options for our oldest daughter, Nicole. This is her last year of primary school, and we will need to transfer her to another school next year.


    * We are planning an ESI facilitator training in September of this year. Though this training is still several months out, we need to start networking and developing promotional materials. Please pray that God would guide us during this process and that he would lead us to individuals who would benefit from ESI in their local churches.

    * Please pray that God would continue to give us boldness, wisdom, and grace to be salt and light to the surrounding community.

  • Andrew & Angie May 2022 Prayer Requests

    * We held an evangelistic dinner last month on Good Friday (April 15th). We were surprised by the fact that nearly one hundred people showed up to the event and that at least 30 of them were non-believers. Please pray for fruit in the lives of the people who heard the gospel that day. 


    * Please pray for our church as we seek to be more involved in evangelistic outreach in the community. Every Friday morning there is a movable market/fair that sets up in the street outside the church. Once a month, the church will be setting up a stand in this market to distribute coffee and invitations, as well as helping people carry groceries and engage in conversations. In addition to this, we carried out several efforts to meet neighbors and hand out invitations in April. Please pray for fruit from these evangelistic efforts.


    * As the church continues to grow, we are in need of more leaders for the various ministries. Please pray that God would continue to raise up mature local believers to further the spread of the gospel in this country.

  • Andrew & Angie Ministry Update Spring 2022

    In the new church building

    Dear friends,

    As many of you know, we had been searching for a new church facility for several months. Previously, we had been meeting at a building a local campus ministry let us use on the weekends. While this was a huge blessing in allowing us to get started, it became a bit small and was only available to us on Sundays, making it difficult to carry out other meetings and activities during the week. It was for these reasons that we started searching for a new facility in September. Thankfully, after much searching, we finally found a building that met our needs. We signed a two-year rental agreement in January and, after taking some time to make some repairs and purchases, we moved in on March 6th, when we held our first service. 


    As we continue to work out some of the details regarding our move to this new location, we wanted to share a few prayer-requests with you:


    • Please pray that God would use our church as we seek to share Christ with the surrounding community. This month we plan to distribute invitations in the neighborhood and would like to engage in other outreach activities in the following months.

    • Please pray for wisdom as we make some organizational and logistical decisions for the church.

    • Please continue to pray for the young men we are training up for gospel ministry, particularly for Julio, Markus, Álvaro, and David.


    We thank God for your lives and for your partnership in the gospel.


    The James Family

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie are church planting missionaries in Montevideo, Uruguay with Servants In Mission (SIM).