The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie are church planting missionaries in Montevideo, Uruguay with Servants In Mission (SIM).

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  • News From Uruguay September 2020

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    Dear friends,

    We hope this email finds you well!

    It’s been a while since we last wrote, so we wanted to take a moment to give a brief update on life and ministry in Uruguay.

    Thankfully, the COVID19 crisis has been contained fairly well here in Uruguay, and we now have only 142 active cases in the entire country. Though schools, offices, businesses, and churches had been closed for some time, most are now (at least partially) reopened. Our children are now back to school 3 days out of the week, leaving the remaining 2 days for them to work from home. Our family is doing well. The kids are healthy and continue to grow every day. Zack recently turned 6 and Camille turned 8. It's crazy to see how fast they are growing up!!!

    For several months, our church had to broadcast Sunday sermons via YouTube and hold mid-week small groups via Zoom. Thankfully, this past month we were able to reopen the Sunday services and small groups. We are still restricted as to the length of the service and the number of people who can attend at any given time, but we’re really happy to be meeting again in person.

    Another exciting update is that we were recently able to launch the youth group. We had our first meeting several weeks ago and are encouraged to see that the teaching and organizational responsibilities are not falling entirely on us, but are being shared amongst a team of young people we’ve been working with for several years. Please pray that this ministry would continue to grow, and that God would use it to reach more Uruguayan young people for Christ.

    Angie has been working on an evangelistic outreach effort with some of the women from church. We’re encouraged to see the women take ownership of this endeavor as they seek to share Christ with their non-believing friends. Please pray for fruit from this effort.

    Thank for your partnership in prayer. Please pray for the following:

    • Please pray for courage, wisdom, and opportunities to continue sharing Christ with those who have yet to come to saving faith in Him.

    • Please pray for the youth meeting – that God would use it to strengthen the faith of the believers and to reach their non-believing friends.

    • Please pray for families who have been financially affected during the economic downturn caused by the COVID crisis.

    • Please pray that we would continue to grow in our love for Christ and for the people he brings our way.

    Thank you again for your partnership in the gospel.


    The James Family

  • Andrew & Angie James September 2020 Prayer Requests

    *Thankfully, the COVID 19 crisis has been contained fairly well here in Uruguay and things are starting to reopen. Yesterday (Aug 23rd) we were able to hold our first "on site" church service, after having been closed for about five months (a period in which we were only broadcasting online). Now that we have reopened we still needed to take certain precautionary measures - such as shortening the length of the services and limiting the amount of people in the building - but even with that, we were still very happy to meet in person again after so long. We were also able to resume our small groups and officially launch the youth group. So we are really thankful for all these advances. Please pray that God would continue to give us wisdom, boldness, and grace as we seek to faithfully care for the people God has brought under our care.


    *Please play that God would continue to open doors for us to connect and reach unbelievers with the gospel. Please pray specifically for the salvation of Hermes, the husband of one of the members of the church. He is an atheist and had refused to even step in a church for several years; but over the last year has agreed to attend church with his wife on a periodic basis.

  • Andrew & Angie James August 2020 Prayer Requests

    *Thank you for praying for our children as they returned to classes last month (July). They currently go to school on Thursdays and Fridays, and do school assignments from home the rest of the week. They are glad to be back at school and to be able to see their friends; and thankfully we haven't seen huge spikes of Covid19 since reopening classes.


    *Please pray for wisdom as we seek the best way to re-open small groups and sunday services. We had planned to re-open earlier, but had to delay because of Covid-19 restrictions. Please pray that God would continue to guide us and give us wisdom to know how to proceed, while at the same time being responsible to care for peoples' health.


    *Last month we completed another semester of ESI with the three groups in Montevideo (via Zoom). Please pray that students would finish strong as we begin the Spring semester on August 1st, and that they would continue to deepen in their relationship with Christ and grow in their ability to serve Him.


    Thanks for all your prayers!


The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie are church planting missionaries in Montevideo, Uruguay with Servants In Mission (SIM).