The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.

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  • Andrew & Angie James November 2018 Ministry Update

    Download the James' letter with photos here.

    Greetings from Uruguay!

    It's been a while since our last update... We wanted to take a minute to share some pictures and prayer requests. Thanks for your prayers and partnership in the gospel!

    We continue to meet on Thursdays to (eat and) study the Bible =). Please pray for the salvation of those who come, as many are not yet believers.

    We meet once or twice a month as a church planting team to think and pray together. Please pray that God would lead us in this process. We hope to launch next year, but are still working things out.

    Earlier this month, we had a "faith and science" presentation with people from the Bible study. We encouraged people to invite others and had 4 new individuals who had never joined us. Please pray that these individuals will return for the Bible Study and come to saving faith in Christ.

    The ESI leadership development program is going well. My group is coming to the end of it's second year (out of three) and one of my colleagues has two groups finishing year one. Please pray that the students would finish strong and that the training would give them a good foundation for future ministry. Please pray also that God would guide us as we seek to open two new groups next year (one led by a young man who is currently in my group).

    In September we had an evangelism training, using materials from "Christianity Explored" and Rico Tice. Please pray for fruit from this event and that God would raise up a church that is committed to sharing Christ.

    Leadership training last weekend with students from ESI.

    Starbucks made it to Uruguay! Angie is super happy!!! =)

    Other prayer requests:

    • We're planning on taking our home assignment later this year. Please pray for our family as we prepare for this.

    • Angie volunteers at school to teach three classes of English each week. Please pray that God would use this opportunity (and others like it) to build relationships in the community and be a gospel light.

    • Please pray for the salvation of a young lady Angie is meeting with each week to study "Christianity Explored".

    We thank God for your lives, and your partnership in the gospel.

    In Christ,

    The James Family

  • Andrew & Angie James October 2018 Prayer Requests

    *We are really thankful that the "Christianity Explored" conference in September went really well - thanks for your prayers! Please pray that God would continue to use what the participants learned to mobilize them in evangelism and give them a burden for the lost.

    *This month we will be holding a leadership conference with ESI (Equipping Servants) students - Please pray for us as we prepare for the event and that the training itself would be beneficial to the students.

    *We continue to move in the direction of church planting (hopefully launching next year). Please pray that God would continue to guide our steps and give a sense of unity as we move along.

    *We are now moving into Spring (in the southern hemisphere) where flowers blossom and allergies break out. Zack just recently had a really bad asthma attack. Please pray for him, and the rest of the family, and for our health.

    Thank you!


  • Andrew & Angie James May 2018 Prayer Requests

    *Praise: after a pair of weeks where no one came to our Thursday Bible studies, we suddenly had a number of new visitors (both believers and non-believers). Please pray that God would use these studies to strengthen believers and to save unbelievers.

    *Pray: After having met for over a year with the young people at Paso Carrasco (a poor neighborhood in Montevideo), some of them confessed that they didn't really believe that the Bible is God's Word - and therefore don't believe anything we're teaching them. Please pray that God would give us wisdom to know how to address their questions, and that He would touch their hearts. Please pray also that God would give us perseverance to continue even when the "fruit" doesn't come as quickly as we would like.

    *Pray: Please pray that we would keep our priorities straight - that we would make sure not neglect our time with the Lord or our family in the business of life.

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.