Special Needs

Special Needs

Special Needs

Welcome to Parkside's Special Needs Ministry, Faithful Friends. We pray that you will know the love of Christ in real ways as we care for your loved one. 

Our Vision

We desire that every person at Parkside Church, with differing abilities, intellect, and skills would become a committed follower of Jesus Christ. We recognize that the special needs ministry will look different than a typical ministry for children, youth, and adults, and we desire that this ministry will:

  •  enable the full participation of people touched by disability in the life of the church;
  •  be a safe and loving place for children, youth, and adults with special needs;
  •  teach children, youth, and adults with special needs the truths of God’s Word in ways they may understand;
  •  show children, youth, and adults with special needs the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in practical ways;
  •  allow parents/caregivers to worship and study God’s Word, while their family member is safely cared for;
  •  be a support group for families with children, youth, and adults who have special needs.

Our History

We began in 1992 with two teens with special needs and two helpers. Both of these teens are now adults who attend the Faithful Friends class. We now serve approximately 50 children, adults, and teens in our three classes: Faithful Friends, Jr., Faithful Friends Teens, and Faithful Friends adults.

Recent Blog Posts

  • August 2021 Faithful Friends Ministry Summer Break

    The month of August brings some schedule changes for our Faithful Friends classes. Faithful Friends Jr., Teen and adult classes will be on summer break from August 1-September 5th. We will resume our normal class schedule on Sunday, September 12th. 

  • Special Needs Ministry Volunteers

    Our Faithful Friends adult and children's classes have reopened, and we are seeing increased attendance! Will you consider joining our special needs ministry team as we grow? Contact Julie Pelletier to learn more or register to serve below.

  • Faithful Friends Classes Reopening January 10, 2021

    As we step into the new year, classes will reopen with a couple of important changes. Faithful Friends Jr. and Teen classes will no longer meet on an alternate week basis. Instead, the Jr. and Teen class will re-combine and meet in the same classroom together on Sunday mornings. Class will continue to meet at 9:45am in room A115. We ask families to register ahead for class through Touchpoint. Look for an e-mail further explaining this in January. Classes will be limited to 8 children per our current capacity limits in the rooms. This will enable everyone who would like to attend weekly to have the opportunity to be there and it will help us staff appropriately with the limited volunteers we have. Faithful Friends Adult class will continue to meet weekly at 9:45am in room A117. 


Julie Pelletier