Special Needs

Special Needs

Faithful Friends, Jr. (Ages 5-15) 

Meets on Sundays from 10:30-11:30am in room A115

We want Parkside Church to be a great place where your child can know Christ's love, have fun, and enjoy a safe place. If you’re a family with special needs, you’ll find our ministry to be supportive and caring.

Due to staffing and safety requirements for Special Needs Ministry, we ask new families to register in advance before visiting. Please follow the steps below. 

  1. Please read, fill out, and submit the Faithful Friends Jr. & Teen Registration before placing your child in the ministry so that we can plan for your child's specific needs, assure adequate staffing, and prepare any specific materials needed for your child.
  2. For your child's first week(s), we ask that one parent attends WITH your child. This way, you can observe firsthand what your child will be doing, interact with the classroom teachers and helpers, and offer guidance about how we can best care for your child.
  3. After the initial week(s) in the classroom, our team will confirm with you about leaving your child and attending worship. We'll talk about ways we can page you, if necessary, on a Sunday morning.