Building Into the Next Generation

Building Into the Next Generation


Building into the Next Generation is about relationships: being in a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ; being built up in Christ, through relationships with other believers; being active in promoting the gospel with unbelievers through relationships.

We sense God is leading us in the direction of expanding the Bainbridge facility which supports this vision and leverages our global, regional and local gospel reach.


A Letter from Alistair

Dear Friends,

In 2022, Parkside will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We look forward to this exciting and noteworthy milestone with an ever-deepening sense of God’s goodness and a growing conviction that the best is yet to be.

Our current state is due in large measure to the unerring commitment to the Gospel that has marked the leadership of this church from its inception. We thank God for some no longer with us, upon whose shoulders we stand.

As you read through this material, I hope you will be encouraged to think of what might be as we look together to God who is able to do far more than we can ask or even imagine.

On behalf of the leadership team,

Alistair Begg

Laying the Foundation for the Future

As we look forward, we believe that further development of our Bainbridge location will serve as a launching pad for regional and global Gospel growth, as well as foster Biblical relationships within our local church.

So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith. – Acts 6:7

Our vision includes:

Equipping ourselves to share the Gospel in the everyday events of life. Speaking the truth in love: growing up into Christ and being edified and, in turn, multiplied.

The rediscovery of our commitment
to the two-fold necessity of the large gathering for prayer and proclamation and the smaller gatherings for fellowship and outreach. We anticipate a huge expansion of geographically based life groups.

Planting additional regional campuses
around Northeast Ohio and beyond. We continue to develop younger men for pastoral ministry, in part, to provide the personnel needed for new congregations.

An expectation to see our global ministries and partners double
within the next decade as God continues to provide the necessary resources and personnel.

The reconfiguration of our current auditorium to add 500 seats
 with the capability to broadcast our local preaching worldwide. This will increase our capacity to see unbelieving people become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

A 45,000 square foot children’s ministry building
intended to cultivate and nurture our next generation by allowing us to care for double the number of children we are serving on a weekly basis.

God's Faithfulness in the Past

Forty-two years ago, a small group of businessmen, committed to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, met weekly for prayer and Bible study on Cleveland’s East Side. This devoted group of men and their wives faithfully served Christ and set in place the convictions upon which our church is built.

Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee, and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace and was strengthened. Living in the fear of the Lord and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it increased in numbers. Acts 9:31

How we came to be:

1968 - A small group of businessmen began meeting.

1970 - The group met for Sunday evening services at Grace Episcopal Church in Willoughby and established a formal Bible study at The Church of the Western Reserve in Pepper Pike. As attendance grew, so did the conviction to form a local church.

1972 - After extensive prayer and study of the Scriptures, a new congregation was formed called The Chapel. The Lord supplied the first full-time pastor, Walt Hansen, and Sunday service attendance grew to more than 200 people.

1974 - The Chapel congregation outgrew the space in Pepper Pike and moved to the B’rith Emeth Temple in Beachwood.

1975 - Attendance grew and exceeded the temple’s 350-seat capacity requiring another move, this time to Orange High School. The fellowship of believers at The Chapel began praying about having their own facility.

1976 - Property in Beachwood was purchased for the first church facility.

1978 - The Chapel held its first service at the Beachwood facility on New Year’s Day.

1980 - Walt Hansen was called to the mission field. Over the next three years, the elders provided leadership and strong pulpit teaching.

1983 - Prayers were answered when Alistair Begg accepted the position of Senior Pastor. Leaving his native Scotland, Pastor Begg arrived on September 3, 1983. Attendance continued to grow and the strain on the Beachwood facility could not be ignored.

1987 - The Lord provided a 26-acre building site in Solon and a buyer for the Beachwood facility. The congregation relocated services to Solon High School during the preparation for the new building program. Due to zoning complications, the Solon property was sold and 40 acres in Bainbridge were purchased.

1992 - The Chapel changed its name to Parkside Church in anticipation of the move to the new home in Bainbridge.

1993 - On January 7 the cornerstone was set in place with the reminder from Psalm 138:2, “For you have exalted above all things your name and your word.”

2000 - The grand opening of “The Commons” marked the addition of two levels of classrooms, a bookstore and café, and a large gathering area for fellowship and special events.

The commitment to teaching God’s Word is a hallmark of Parkside Church today and serves as our guidepost that helps us to continue running the race which God has marked out.

God's Faithfulness in the Present

As we ask for God’s wisdom in determining the best path for our church’s future, we would like to share several observations of God’s faithfulness in the season in which we now find ourselves.

But the word of God continued to spread and flourish. Acts 12:24

Gospel Impact in Our Community

God has blessed our congregation in numerous ways, most notably through the expansion of ministries at Parkside over the last 10 years. The ability to provide more than 40 ministry groups to our 4,000-5,000 attendees has been an answer to our collective prayer to see unbelieving people become committed followers of Jesus Christ. A number of factors have combined to give us a sense of confidence moving forward. These factors include:

Our senior pastor, Alistair Begg, clearly senses God’s calling and is committed to the next decade of Parkside’s future growth.

Through uncommon unanimity and growth in spiritual maturity, our leaders and elders recognize God’s provision by sparing our leadership team from unhelpful divisions. Our eldership has increased, and we have nearly doubled the pastoral team.

Our youth and young adult ministries have grown and benefited from the construction and renovation of our off-site facilities in Solon, the Warehouse and the Loft.

We own and maintain seven houses in close proximity to the church which serve as hospitality homes for visiting pastors and missionaries and their families, as well as other guests. The church has also purchased the adjacent Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) building.

The past 10 years have brought significant commercial development to the once semi-rural surrounding area with the establishment of major retailers like Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, and Kohl’s.

Access to the church and traffic patterns have improved as a result of the local municipality’s additional road development to
support the commercial district, as well as the reconstruction of Pettibone Road.

Despite the technical complexities and array of governmental permits required, sewer and water service has been brought to the current 7100 Pettibone facility, which was a necessary step for any further expansion.

Bainbridge zoning authorities have recently given us a green light to take the next steps in expanding our Bainbridge location.

God continues to provide the necessary annual financial resources to support our ministry: the annual operating budget doubled from $3.4 million to $6.5 million; missions giving tripled from $457,000 to $1.3 million; and our assets doubled from $15.3 million to $37.8 million in the last decade.

A Story of Gospel Impact in our Community: Fermin & Donna Gomez

Donna grew up on the east side of Cleveland; Fermin, the west. They met in the middle in downtown Cleveland when
they started high school at the Cleveland School of Science. Donna remembers getting to know Fermin when they started sharing their math book, but Fermin confesses that he left his book at home on purpose. “I just kept forgetting it and forgetting it, and then the next thing you know, here we are,” smiles Fermin. True high school sweethearts, Donna and Fermin (pronounced fehr’ Meen) Gomez were married in the same year that they graduated from high school. This past December marked their 24th wedding anniversary.

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Gospel Impact in our Region

God has guided our regional presence in Northeast Ohio with the addition of Parkside’s Green Campus. Formerly known as Harvest Bible Church, the Green Campus is located some 40 miles south of Bainbridge near Canton. In the past, the leadership team had discussed the desire to plant additional campuses that would eventually become independent Bible-teaching churches that share our same conviction and confidence in the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word in all levels of ministry. We believe that the addition of the Green Campus is a first step in making that vision a reality.

A Story of Gospel Impact in our Region: Parkside Church - Green Campus

On a Sunday evening during the first heavy snowfall of winter, a core group of committed congregants gather for their evening service at Parkside Church - Green Campus. Approximately 50 folks braved the slippery roads on this cold and blustery night, not quite the 200 to 350 people that typically attend the Sunday morning service. The numbers are notable because the church in Green has survived several ups and downs over the last 25 years.

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Gospel Impact in our World

God has amazed us over the last decade in how He has used our missionary pastors who have been dispatched across the globe. In Bolivia and Mexico, we have 15 indigenous pastors along with 500 people who are being trained to study, live, preach, and teach God’s Word. In Peru, our missionaries are translating the Scriptures into the country’s native languages and teaching the local pastors how to preserve the nuances of those languages and dialects to best present the Gospel. In South Africa, we have established and fully funded a South African national pastor. Throughout Europe, we are nurturing and strengthening our relationships with our missionaries in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Scotland. In India, we continue to expand our partnership with the Delhi Bible Institute through sponsorship and participation in their pastors’ conference and preaching courses. We are fully supporting 20 full-time local missionaries through the Institute.

A Story of Gospel Impact in our World: Faithful Preaching of God's Word Worldwide

“What new thing are you doing here? I don’t like it,” said the main pastor of a church in Bolivia.

“I am teaching the Bible,” replied Hugo, a local pastor who enrolled in the Equipping Servants Internship (ESI) program at the Iglesia La Comunidad (ILC Church) in La Paz, Bolivia. Hugo explained that from his study of Romans in ESI, “I have become convinced through my study of God’s Word that God wants me to teach the full counsel of God. I have to teach the Bible.”

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God's Guidance for the Future

As we look to the future we believe that the best is yet to be for us as a church in our community, across Northeast Ohio and in our world.

So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. Acts 16:5

Gospel Growth in our Community

As we envision Building Into the Next Generation, we believe that there are improvements that can be made to our current facility
that would enable us to better fulfill our church’s mission. As our diverse spectrum of local ministries grows, the development of the Bainbridge location will support those efforts by incorporating a new, expanded, and updated worship center and a dedicated children’s ministry facility. In addition, our current worship center will be re-engineered and customized to better accommodate weddings, funerals, and provide more functional meeting spaces for larger groups.

Gospel Growth in our Region

Building Into the Next Generation also includes taking additional steps along the journey of reaching out to Northeast Ohio with the development of additional regional campuses. Our first step in exploring this aspect of our vision was realized with the addition of our first satellite location—the Green Campus. We believe this is just the beginning of planting campuses throughout Northeast Ohio in areas such as downtown Cleveland, University Circle, or Lake County.

Gospel Growth in our World

Our global emphasis for Building Into the Next Generation will build upon what we’ve learned over the past 40 years as we’ve pursued our worldwide mission to see unbelieving people become committed followers of Jesus Christ. It has been our experience that the greatest opportunities for spreading the Gospel abroad involves the identification and training of indigenous believers. In all of our mission fields, we have seen dramatic Gospel growth by equipping local pastors who have been trained by our missionary team members. We believe that the technical enhancements planned for our new worship center will enable us to broadcast and distribute our locally-based Bible teaching to our missions partners and their congregations worldwide.

Every Believer's Part

As an active Parkside participant, we humbly ask you to pray as we seek God’s wisdom and guidance to work out the details and provide the necessary resources for this bold vision. Along with your prayers, we invite you to participate by making a faith promise above and beyond your regular giving to Parkside Church. Whether it is $1 or $1 million, your partnership with us is vital.

The cost associated with fulfilling this vision is $30 million. Amazingly, God has already provided $10 million. We are asking God to provide an additional $15 million through faith promises to be received over the next five years. The remaining $5 million will be funded through a short-term mortgage loan.

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