Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups

While we come to faith in Christ individually, God has designed the church so that we grow in faith together. Believers need one another for encouragement, edification, and to make each other more like Christ. This "one anothering" happens best when we share life together with other Christians, studying, praying, and spending time with one another. 

Our Community Groups exist to provide a context for this to happen. Our groups are organized by community and generally meet twice a month. People are welcome to join at any time. Each group is taught by a member of the church, and they are typically composed of 10-20 people. 

You can find the locations of our groups on this map.

If you have any general questions about our groups, you can contact us at the church office.

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  • Community Groups Winter 2024

    Community Groups will resume meeting the first week of January to study the book of Colossians.  The start of a new year is an ideal time to join a group!


  • Sep

    Community Groups Fall 2023

    All Community Groups resume the week of September 6, but you can join at any time! We encourage you to find a group close to home and study the book of Colossians together!

  • A Call to Belong

    When a local family hosted a game night in Aurora last August, no one anticipated what would develop from the evening. Less than 24 hours after Anthony and Kayleigh Finelli received an unexpected diagnosis about their son, they attended the game night and shared the news. The response was overwhelming, with the group turning to prayer on behalf of the Finelli family. After that night, the group decided that they should study the Bible together and Joshua Wallace reached out to Dan Larison to become a Community Group leader.

    For the Finellis, the Community Group has opened their eyes to what it means to belong to the church. “We have a large Christian family who live locally and we tend to lean on them for prayer, encouragement, and spiritual guidance. But the support we have received from this group has shown us that also being a part of the body of Christ is important. It feels like an extension of the family.” Read More >


Dan Larison