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Meet Parkside's Pastoral Interns

October 12
Tucked down a short hallway just off of the bustling workroom inside Parkside Church, is a small office with several ...

Marriage Conference with Tim Savage – November 3

October 5
One of the greatest social tragedies of our day is fraility of marriage – not only marriages that end in divorce ...

Caring for Aging Parents: Two Fall Events

September 28
Event 1: Caring for Aging Parents Workshop As our parents grow older, many of them require additional help that may ...

Career Connections Workshop

September 21
For many, the idea of beginning or changing a career is accompanied by a great deal of uncertainty. I’m ...

Men's Golf Outing & Women's Live Stream Conference

September 14
Men's Golf Classic - October 8 All men are invited to the 2018 Golf Classic at Boulder Creek Golf Club ...

One Year NT

October 19
Acts 2:22-41; 1 Peter 4:12-19; Psalm 33:22