The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family

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  • Harrington Family May 2019 Prayer Requests

    We are blessed to be able to reconnect with our Parkside church family over the next 9 months.

    *Please pray for us as a family as we work to reacclimate to life in America.

    *For Leanne and me coming to Cleveland is like coming home in many ways. But for our kids Cleveland feels like the foreign land. Pray we all have grace for one another as we experience the highs and lows of leaving Japan and being in America at different times.

    *Also continue to pray for the Japanese people and the work of our team members going on in Japan while we are away. Pray for our church, Shiogama Church, as they continue to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord and reach out to others in their neighborhood. Pray for Satoshi and Nozomi, who we will be working closely with upon our return to Japan, as they continue to make inroads into Shichigahama. Preparing for a future church plant in the community.

  • Harrington Family April 2019 Prayer Requests

    *We praise God for how he carried us through the transition to America. There were many goodbyes and lots of tears.

    *We look forward to reconnecting with our Parkside Church family over these next 10 months. Please also pray for our kids as 3 out of the 4 have spent more of their lives in Japan than in America. For them coming to America is in some ways going to the foreign land. Pray they settle in well.



  • Harrington Family March 2019 Prayer Requests

    *Please be praying for A-san and her four kids. The Lord has brought them to our monthly What's Up Kids lunch and english time in Shichigahama. They have been faithfully coming since last June and have even been attending church on Sunday. Please pray the Lord will open their hearts and minds to the gospel. The Lord has begun to do a work in their lives, but please be praying for the soil to be good and for their protection from the evil one as they continue to take steps towards God.

    *Also be praying for us as a family. We will be returning to America at the end of this month. There will be many goodbyes and packing to take place this month. It will be physically and emotionally hard for all of us. Please pray we end our time here well.

  • Harrington Family February 2019 Prayer Requests

    *Please be in prayer for us as a family as we prepare to return to America. In the coming weeks there will be a lot of packing and goodbyes. Pray we do all of it well. Our hope is to be able to continue to pour into relationships the Lord has given us. While at the same time, getting to the work needing to be done to be ready to get on the plane to America at the end of March.

    *Pray for leadership as we continue to pray for future ministry plans when we return in 2020. God has a plan and we are able to look back at our lives to see how God has so lovingly directed our plans to where we are today.

  • Harrington Family January 2019 Prayer Requests

    We were so blessed by the amount of friends who were able to come to Christmas events last month. The more and more we gather together in Shichigahama, the more and more it is starting to feel like a family gathering.

    *Pray for the families who will coming to meet at the Ueno’s home. May the Holy Spirit be at work in our lives and the lives of everyone who comes.

    *Please also pray for Chris as he prepares to preach at Shiogama Church next month.

  • Harrington Family November 2018 Prayer Requests

    * Please pray for our upcoming Thanksgiving day events. These are wonderful times to share of Christ love with those around us. Everyone desires to learn more about American culture and Thanksgiving is a part of that. We are able to share what we as Christians are truly thankful for, which is what Christ has done for us. While at the same time being thankful for all of the ways the Lord has blessed us during this last year. May these events grow us closer to our non-christian friends and draw them closer to Christ.

    * We look forward to being able to have some family time with Chris' parents who will be coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving. Please pray for their safe travel.

  • Harrington Family October 2018 Prayer Requests

    *Please be in prayer for the church plant we are a part of in Shichigahama. We are so excited about the team and we have enjoyed getting more involved in the community. Pray for Pastor Ueno whom we have joined in this endeavor. Pray the Holy Spirit would lead him in how we should reach out to the Shichigahama community.

    *Pray for the young families who have already become a part of different events we have had. Pray the Lord opens their hearts and minds as we walk through the Bible with everyone for the first time.

  • Harrington Family May 2018 Prayer Requests

    *We praise the Lord for Chris’s test results being high enough to move out of full time language into more ministry. Pray for wisdom as our pastor thinks through ways for Chris to become more involved with ministries at the church.

    *We are excited with the different kids ministries in Shichigahama. Pray for the kids and families who have come and will come in the future. May the Lord call people to himself.

  • Harrington Family April 2018 Prayer Requests

    * Please pray for wisdom on where to proceed with new ministry opportunities. May the Lord bring clarity as we begin to pray and discuss with SEND leadership and local area pastors.

    * Please also pray for the Parkside Team who will be coming to Japan this summer. We praise the Lord for their willingness to serve him in this way. May God be preparing their hearts and minds for how the Lord is wanting to use this trip to impact their lives.

    * Pray for Chris as he plans this summer’s SEND Japan conference. May all of the details come together.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests March 2018

    * In Japan, March is a month of the year which is full of transitions. It is the end of a school year. It is the time a lot of companies will transfer any employees they were planning to transfer. These are just a few of the things that make up why March is such a transitional month in Japanese life. One of the things that is hard about missionary life is how much transitions and how many “goodbyes” you have to go through. Please pray for our family as we go through March. May it be a time of good farewells.

    * Pray for our friends who are moving away. We thank the Lord we have had opportunities to point them to Christ. Pray the Holy Spirit will help those seeds grow in the new contexts our friends will move. May he open their hearts and minds to His gospel. We will miss these friends, but we ultimately want the Lord to be gloried by his being reunited with them through their faith in Him.