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  • 03/12/23

    Don't Forget This!

    In verses 5–7 of his epistle, Jude issues a stern warning about disregarding God’s established boundaries. Men, women, and even ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 03/05/23

    Reason for Writing

    The relativism of our age would have us think that we can believe whatever we want and do whatever feels ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 02/26/23

    The Letter of Jude

    The book of Jude is a brief letter written by one of Jesus’ half brothers to urge the early church ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 02/19/23

    God Judges Righteously

    In the closing verses of Psalm 139, David zealously prayed for the destruction of the wicked—then submitted himself to divine ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 01/22/23

    God Made Me

    Where were we before we were born, and where will we go after we die? In Psalm 139, David provides ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 01/15/23

    God is Everywhere

    Can we hide from God? The Bible contains many examples of people trying to do just that. In Psalm 139 ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 01/08/23

    God Knows All about Me

    The first six verses of Psalm 139 convey the staggering truth that the Lord knows us better than we know ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 01/08/23

    The God Who Keeps Me from Falling

    The Christian life can be a winding path marked by seasons of doubt, despair, and weakness. Peter’s first letter, written ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 01/01/23

    Thinking Christianly All Year

    The transition from one year into another gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we believe, to consider why ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 12/25/22

    What's In a Name?

    Parents generally put considerable thought into choosing their child’s name. Not so with Mary and Joseph’s firstborn! An angelic messenger ...

    Alistair Begg