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  • 08/27/23

    A Life Governed by the Gospel

    Paul calls believers to remember that God’s power and presence is at work in our lives, equipping us to do ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 08/27/23

    Imitate Those Who Imitate Christ

    The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Because we share a Savior, believers contribute to the building ...

    Nick Spurgeon
  • 08/20/23

    The God of Majesty

    The Bible invites people to turn to God while he is near, and even passages that point to the judgment ...

    Rupert Bentley-Taylor
  • 08/13/23

    Now to Him

    Jude closed his letter to Christ’s followers with a doxology praising the splendor and sovereignty of the one true and ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 08/06/23

    Can You Sing?

    Before the beginning of time, God established a plan of redemption to save sinners. God, as both author and agent ...

    Dan Schillero
  • 08/06/23

    He Has Provided

    There will always be things in life that we do not and cannot understand, but we do know that nothing ...

    Dan Schillero