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  • 04/14/19

    A New King in Town

    Mike Willmer
  • 03/04/18

    Rejecting Rubbish Righteousness

    How good is "good enough" to be accepted by God? Paul warned the Church to beware of false teachers who ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 09/17/17

    The Greatest Prayer of All Time

    The Gospel according to John contains the precious words commonly referred to as the “High Priestly Prayer.” Following Christ’s ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 03/26/17

    Balaam and His Donkey

    The biblical story of Balaam and his talking donkey may cause us to chuckle, but we also learn a vital ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 02/05/17

    A Tale of Two Lepers

    Naaman was powerful and successful, but he also had an obvious problem: he was a leper. In providing the means ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 11/06/16

    Praise Our God and King

    Deep in the human heart is a need for something to look up to - something to admire and worship - and ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 09/25/16

    Bless the LORD

    Sometimes it seems like a song can change everything. In this message, we learn how David drew from God's ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 06/26/16

    The Gospel for Today

    In preparing His disciples for the events of His death and resurrection, Jesus promised His followers that despite the difficulties ...

    Mike Willmer
  • 03/20/16

    Acceptable Worship

    Mike Willmer
  • 01/10/16

    How to Respond to Jesus

    It was a miracle! Jesus had raised his friend Lazarus from the dead. You might expect that everyone would have ...

    Mike Willmer