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  • 03/20/16

    Jesus is a Unique King

    The contrast could not be greater - Jesus riding a young donkey into Jerusalem amid palm-waving crowds, versus the pomp and ...

    Brandon Smith
  • 11/01/15

    Jesus: The Good Shepherd

    Many people are familiar with the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 recorded in Mark Chapter 6, but this ...

    Brandon Smith
  • 07/05/15

    Citizens of Heaven, Stand Firm!

    Where do you feel “at home”? In this message from Philippians, we are encouraged to remember that a Christian’s true ...

    Brandon Smith
  • 03/22/15

    United in Love and Prepared for Peace

    The early Christians who received Peter's first letter lived amid an unbelieving society, much as we do today. Verses ...

    Brandon Smith
  • 03/15/15

    Pure Speech from a Pure Heart

    When we encounter something labeled “poisonous” we are quick to guard ourselves from being exposed to it, but according to ...

    Brandon Smith