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  • 06/27/21

    Of Paradoxes, Prizes, and Pathologies

    In his opening chapter, James presents his readers with two different paths when faced with trials and temptations: 1) stay ...

    Jonathan Holmes
  • 06/27/21

    Wisdom from Above for Trials Below

    As believers, we are to be characterized by joy, even in the midst of various trials. Our joy is not ...

    Jonathan Holmes
  • 06/20/21

    Murder, He Wrote

    While the Lord promised to establish David’s throne forever, the kingdom was not safe in the king’s hands. After committing ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 06/13/21

    From Shame to Singing

    How should we respond when our circumstances appear contrary to God’s promises? The Bible reminds us that God’s promises will ...

    Jon Cameron
  • 06/06/21

    A Failed Solution

    Hiding sin is always a futile exercise. King David knew this—yet when he allowed his lust for Bathsheba to triumph ...

    Alistair Begg