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  • 04/26/20

    Theological Realism

    Many experts claim to have the answers to life’s most difficult questions. God’s Word, however, teaches that we are limited ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 04/19/20

    Singing in the Pain

    As God’s mouthpiece, Habukkuk declared God’s word to Israel, who were in rebellion. Though he questioned God’s purposes, the prophet ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 04/12/20

    Life After Lockdown

    Following Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples hid in fear. A sense of lostness settled over them that could not be dispelled ...

    Alistair Begg
  • 04/05/20

    The Human Face of God

    Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem provides a visible expression of God’s heart. As He made His way toward the city ...

    Alistair Begg