The James Family

The James Family


Kep & Debbie November 2023 Prayer Requests

* Pray for the ILC Church that Kep and Debbie planted in Bolivia, that its leadership will continue honoring Christ by staying true to His Scriptures.

 * Pray for the 2,500 ESI participants in 220 groups meeting in 29 countries, with 2900 total graduates since beginning in 2002. Pray that these men and women will grow in their love for God as they study His Scriptures, that they will experience gospel transformation in their lives, relationships and local churches.

 * Please pray for Kep and Debbie in La Paz November 1-8 working with the ESI ministry in Bolivia.

 * Pray for Kep and Paulo leading 2 ESI Facilitator Training Retreats in Monrovia and Harper, Liberia the last week of November and the first week of December.

 * Pray for the ESI groups starting in Africa, that the Lord will use the study of Romans to move each of these men and women toward Jesus and to experience real gospel transformation in their lives.