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The Collins Family

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  • Collins Family May 2019 Prayer Requests

    Ministry in Venezuela is very difficult for foreigners due to restrictions on travel and currency exchange. Pray for faithful Christian leaders who love the Lord and their country as they continue to move forward with Bible translation, Christian ministry and relief. Students as we are having challenges traveling abroad for training and exchanging local currency.



  • Collins Family April 2019 Prayer Requests

    Pray for indigenous leadership in Christian movements around the world. Whereas “nationals” have long been helpers and interpreters for their Western colleagues, more and more ministry leadership and vision casting falls to them. Pray for God’s Spirit to move and teach them and that relationships would be solid and God-honoring.



  • Collins Family March 2019 Prayer Requests

    Over the last years many people have been trained for cross-cultural ministry to serve in the Americas and around the world. Pray that local churches would take on the challenge of funding and continuing to equip young people and families to partner with them for sake of God’s Kingdom.

  • Collins Family February 2019 Prayer Requests

    1. Pray for Wes as he spends most of February in Peru training indigenous Bible translators in linguistics skills to help them in their ministries. There will be 15 students and several TA’s.

    2. Pray for continued progress and blessing for the group of 6 Mam men and women and several gringos working on Old Testament translation.


  • Collins Family: 2018 in Retrospect


    Greetings to you from North Carolina. Attached here is our 2018 in Retrospect newsletter. 

    Blessings to all and happy new year.

    Wes and Nancy Collins

  • Collins Family January 2019 Prayer Requests

    1. After a challenging year, eleven CILTA students graduated from their linguistic classes and are geared up to commence or continue cross-cultural ministry as Bible translators and literacy workers. We had a delightful graduation ceremony with University officials faculty, local pastors, mission partners and students from seven nations. Pray that our now “former students” would get off on the right foot with learning new languages and cultures.

    2. Wes will be in rural Peru for most of February helping to train 14 indigenous church leaders in linguistic skills for Bible translation. The course is faintly similar to CILTA, but CILTA is aimed at Latino missionaries working cross-culturally, whereas the February program is aimed at native language translators translating the Scriptures into their own mother tongues. Pray for effective preparation time for Wes and his teaching assistant, as well as for the students.

  • Collins Family November 2018 Prayer Requests

    Wes will be in Peru mid-November to mid-December to teach an intensive linguistics course at CILTA, a linguistics missionary training program aimed at equipping native Spanish speakers for cross cultural ministry. He will be teaching at the tail end of the school year. Pray for students to finish well.

  • Collins Family October 2018 Prayer Requests

    Greetings from North Carolina.

    Here are a few prayer requests:

    1. Wes is finishing up work on a linguistics booklet for his CILTA classes that begin in early November. Pray that it is helpful to students, both now and into the future.

    2. Pray for Mam Old Testament translation, led by Francisco and Byron. Progress has been good and the Word gets out in books, printed and preached Scripture and on the radio. May it prosper in people’s lives as well.

  • Collins Family May 2018 Prayer Requests

    1. CILTA student in Lima, Peru are finishing their first quarter of courses aimed at giving them training for linguistic and cultural aspects of cross-cultural ministry. Pray that the training will be helpful and encouraging. Classes will run until mid-December. Pray for their motivation and that God would bless their studies.

    2. Our indigenous colleague, Byron, continues to promote Mam Scripture, literacy classes and Christian radio programs and commentary throughout the Mam speaking regions of Guatemala. Pray that God would protect him from opposition and discouragement. He is a dear brother and tireless worker.

  • Collins Family April 2018 Update

    Dear and good friends,

    Greetings from Lima, Peru. Happiest Easter to you all. He is risen.

    I’m teaching a course in Phonology here at CILTA. Nancy isn’t with me this trip.

    Just to catch you up a bit. I have eight students and a teaching assistant from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, and Mexico, from south to north.