The Bean Family

The Bean Family


Beans'Talk May 2019

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Tears of joy

Our Quechua colleagues are doing a lot of leg work getting ready for the arrival of the Bibles being printed right now. They take public transportation out to different towns and villages to talk to local pastors and congregations. Then they invite the pastors to a meeting to plan as a group for the dedication of their Bible this summer.

Wilmer wrote that when he spoke in the church at Yanas, at first an older woman, and then the pastor, broke out in tears—crying with joy at the news that the Bible was finally in their own language! Wilmer wrote that their emotion caused him to tear up, too.

Announcing …

Below is a shot of the poster announcing the Bible dedication to be held August 10th in Huaraz. People are excited! Look up Isaiah 40:8 to see what the verse in Quechua says.

The catcher or the caught?

It makes sense to go catch a fish. But who would really want to go catch a cold? It seems so odd that in English we say we caught a cold, as if we purposely set out to find one and catch it. In Quechua a cold or flu catches you! It is the active one and people are its victims. Literally, a cold “grabs” you.

Lucy Anne Bean

There’s another little Bean in the world! Lucy Anne had everyone waiting on her as she took her time to make her appearance. No complaints on our part! It gave more time to be with her brothers, Ender and Remy, their dad (our youngest, Ernie) and mom. Mark stayed healthy through most of our family visit, but came home having been grabbed by a cold!

Praises and Prayer Requests

* Praise the Lord: He has paid the price for all our sin and daily treats us better than we could ever deserve.

* Pray: that the Holy Spirit might use us to ignite the hearts of young people and motivate them to consider missions as we speak at a Christian high school this coming week.

* Continue to pray: for our Quechua colleagues trying to coordinate details with churches for the Bible dedications coming up this summer.

* Praise: for the months we had of home assignment with only part-time work. May 1st, Mark will be back in the saddle full-time.

Wishing you a glorious Easter!

Mark and Patti Bean