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The Bean Family


Beans'Talk March 2019

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Desire for the Word

Above is a picture of Hermenegildo (pronounced like air-many-HILL-doe). Every few months he would walk several miles to our house and ask if we had finished the Bible yet. Year after year we always had to say, “not yet.” To keep him encouraged, we would print out a copy of the latest book we had been working on. Here he is reading some fresh-from-the-printer Scripture.

Psalm 1 talks about the man who “delights in the law of the Lord.” Hermenegildo is one of them.

Hurray! Bibles are off to the printers!

On January 31st we learned that the first three Quechua Bibles had finally been sent to South Korea where they are in the process of being printed. Two Bibles are for Quechua speakers in part of the “state” of Huanuco and the third is for Quechua speakers in part of the “state” of Ancash. Like last month’s announcement that all the funds have made it in, this is another big deal. Meanwhile, the other Bibles are still in process.

One dedication date set!

Our Quechua partners in Ancash are going full steam ahead planning for the arrival of the Huaylas Quechua Bible. They’ve set August 10th as the day to celebrate and dedicate their new Bible. Pray for them as they visit villages, talk to pastors, speak in churches, spread the word by radio, and put up posters to let people know what’s happening. They not only want people to save the date, come to the dedication, and be prepared to purchase a Bible, but they are also coordinating who will do what to make the celebration happen.

Still negotiating other dedication dates

Over on the Huanuco side of the state line, our Quechua partners are still trying to coordinate dates for Bible dedications. Pray for them as they decide together with local churches when and how to best celebrate the arrival of their Quechua Bibles.

Praises and Prayer Requests

*Praise: ALL the funds for publishing are in AND the first three Bibles are being printed.

*Pray: for AWI as they prepare and plan for the Huaylas Bible dedication on August 10th.

*Pray: for JAWCA together with the churches in their area to choose dates for their respective Bible dedications and begin the detailed planning and coordination that must take place.

*Pray: for our daughter Emily and the surgeon attending her in Houston on March 13th. The plan is to remove part of her thyroid as one step in dealing with her cancer.

We have about two months left of our sabbatical. Pray for us March 3rd as we speak at a church in Lafayette, Indiana, that we can encourage the believers there.

Mark & Patti Bean