The Rivera Family

The Rivera Family

About the Rivera Family

Edgar was born in September 1973 to a Catholic family, but influenced by friends and teachers with Marxist ideals, he lived a life far from the knowledge of God, a life of bitterness, rebellion, and “thousands of lies” believing there was no God to whom he would have to give an account.

It was in April of 1990 that God started to work in Edgar’s life through a renewed acquaintance with a childhood friend, who talked with him about his encounter with God and invited him to church. Edgar thought that it was ridiculous to go to church when he didn’t believe that God even existed. He made lots of excuses for not going, but his friend always said, “Come and see.” This became a thorn that continually pricked him, and eventually he attended a church meeting. By the time the meeting was over, Edgar realized that this was something special he wanted for his own life. He felt like the whole sermon had been directed at him, so much so that he was just waiting for the pastor to call him by name. He was convinced that the biblical promises of peace with God and salvation were true. From this day on he went to church every time the door was open. He could not get enough information about this God he had thought was not real. Three months later he trusted the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of his sins.

God has blessed Edgar, giving him His precious daughter, Lety, as his wife, and three beautiful children. As a family they share the vision of finding those who do not know their Heavenly Father. Because of this passion that God put in their hearts twelve years ago, they went to the mountains of Oaxaca to testify of the power and love of God.

Edgar is very grateful to believers who don’t know him personally, but express their Christian love by taking their time to pray for him and support the work. He considers it a great blessing to know you and to share his testimony with you. He thanks God for all of the blessings He has provided through his Christian brothers at Parkside.