Info Center Greeters

Being an Info Center Greeter is a great way to serve visitors and regular Parkside attenders on a weekly basis.

Information Center Greeters:

1) Must be a member of Parkside Church.
2) Recommended that this greeter has attended Parkside Church for at least five years.
3) Recommended that this greeter be involved in Life Groups and other bible study and/or ministries activities.
4) Must be engaging, friendly, helpful, kind, warm, gracious.
5) Must be highly knowledgeable about the numerous activities that take place at Parkside.
6) Must take the initiative to be familiar with all class locations, bathroom facilities, lost & found, and services/products available through the bookstore.
7) Must be able to respond to questions that may arise as a result of postings/happenings in our weekly bulletin.