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Summer at Parkside

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Summer is a special time of year at Parksidea time to connect with others, serve our community, and grow in faith, all while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. With the return of our outdoor evening services, Vacation Bible Camp, cookouts, camping, and more, there will be fun and meaningful events for all ages.

Please note: not all summer events are listed here. Be sure to heck the church calendar for complete details on each listing, as well as updates or changes as the event gets closer. 



May 31  |  Middle School Student Impact Cookout at Timberlake Park


June 2  |  High School Student Impact Cookout

June 8  |  Transit Night at the Park

June 12  |  Missionary Meet and Greet with Emily and Blake Ackerson, 9:45-10:30am

June 13-17  |  Vacation Bible Camp, 9am - Noon

June 19  |  Evening Prayer Service

June 26  |  Outdoor Evening Service, HS Senior Recognition

June 29  | 
Transit Cleveland Guardians vs. Minnesota Twins Game

June 30  |  High School Senior Night


July 5-9  |  Ambassadors Soccer Camp

July 11-15  |  
World Changers High School and Middle School Missions Trip

July 17  |  Evening Prayer Service

July 23  |  Sojourners' (Ages 50+) Dinner and a Show at Ohio Star Theater

July 14  |
  Single Moms Summer Gathering

July 21  |
  Single Moms Summer Gathering

July 24  |  Outdoor Evening Service

July 28–29  |  Freshman Rafting Trip

July 30  |  Women of the Word Workshop, 9am-Noon


August 10  |  Transit Q&A Night on Singleness and Marriage

August 12-14  |  Parkside Family Camping at Camp Gideon

August 14  |  Widows Connection Lunch

August 14  |  Outdoor Evening Service

August 21  |  Evening Prayer Service

August 24  |
  Transit Panel Discussion Night

August 27  |  Community Groups Leaders' Meeting

*Tentative listing, please check the ministry website for up-to-date information