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July Book Recommendation


Can a book of prayers written for the Church of England over 350 years ago be useful to us today?

The Book of Common Prayer (1662) is one of the most beloved liturgical texts in the Christian church... It is still widely used around the world, in public worship and private devotion, and is revered for both its linguistic and theological virtues.

The classic text of the 1662 prayer book presents several difficulties for contemporary users, especially those outside of the Church of England. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer: International Edition gently updates the text for contemporary use. Prayers specific to England are replaced. Obscure words and phrases have been modestly revised while still preserving the prayer book's own cadence. 

Pick up a copy to provide a framework for prayer, worship, and reading through the Bible, whether at church or at home.

The 1662 Book of Common Prayer: International Edition is available at Books by the Park or through your favorite bookseller. (Book description courtesy of the publisher.)

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