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Read Through the New Testament in a Year

The Daily Devotional New Testament provides insights into the biblical text and encouragement for godly living alongside daily readings from the New Testament.

This devotional is a great resource for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the New Testament. Each day includes two readings from the New Testament—one from the first half (Matthew through Acts) and one from the second half (Romans through Revelation).

After each reading, a short reflection helps readers consider the meaning of the passage and understand how it relates to Jesus Christ and the gospel. Each devotion concludes with a short passage from the Psalms that ties thematically into the day’s Bible reading, as well as a “Thoughts for Prayer” section to guide personal prayer and meditation. 

(Book description courtesy of the publisher.)

Ways to Read

  • Pick up a free copy from any table around the church
  • View it daily on the Parkside app
  • Subscribe to the daily devotional email