Middle School Students

Middle School Students


July in Middle School Ministry

Location: Parkside Church (7100 Pettibone Road, Chagrin Falls OH 44023)
Start Time: Tue 7, July 2020, 7 p.m.
End Time: Tue 28, July 2020, 8:30 p.m.

We are continuing to gather throughout July with safe protocols and guidelines.

Student Ministry will continue to meet in person for its midweek gatherings in July. In order to do this, we ask for your cooperation in following the requirements and guidelines listed below.

Requirements to Attend Gatherings

  1. Temperature: Please take your temperature prior to arrival or have it taken when you arrive. This will be recorded by a small group leader each week. A temperature of 100 degrees or higher is asked to stay home.

  2. Mask: A mask must be brought to all student gatherings. 

    • It is not needed outside, but is required be worn inside. A mask should be brought just in case weather shifts.

      • Updated 7/23/2020: In compliance with the mask mandate in Ohio, we will now be asking students to wear a mask at our outdoor gatherings.

    • It will be worn for the entirety of indoor large group gatherings, and worn in the building at all times except when your small group leader indicates that it’s okay to remove during small group gatherings and small group discussions.

  3. Social Distancing: Social distancing protocols are to be observed at all times. Stand or sit 6-8 feet apart and no touching other people.

  4. Willingness to follow expectations: Every person or family will have differing views on this virus, on our country’s response, and on personal responsibility and freedom. But, at this time, participation in Parkside Groups means a willing adherence to the regulations that Parkside has established for reopening. 


Student Impact (SI) |  July 7, 14, 21, 28  | 7-8:30pm

Weather permitting, we will have SI outside on the Patio/Lawn. Bring a blanket or chair to sit on the ground and to help remind you to Social Distance. In inclement weather, we'll be in the Auditorium for worship and teaching.

SI 8th Grade Farewell | July 21 | 7-8:30pm

Join us as we send the outgoing 8th grade students off to High School! 

SI 6th Grade Welcome | July 28 | 7-8:30pm

Incoming 6th grade students are welcome to begin attending Middle School Student Impact with us!

Additional Guidelines & Logistics

Drop-Off and Pick-up: will be at the Auditorium entrances A2, A3, and A4. 

  • Drop-Off: Adult leaders will be stationed at these doors to log temperatures and advise students where to go
  • Pick-Up: Students will be dismissed by small groups at staggered times
  • Parents: Please remain in your cars when dropping off or picking up students. You will not be able to get inside the building.

In the Church

  • Commons restrooms will be available for emergency use only by access through an unlocked Patio door when we're outside
  • When gathering inside the church, students will remain on the first floor, limited to the surrounding Auditorium hallways and small group rooms. Closed doors and/or signs will indicate if you can or cannot be in an area.
    • Three bathrooms that are around the Auditorium will be open for use: Commons, the bathrooms near the Venue, and the bathrooms near the Maintenance Office. These will be restricted to 3 people at a time in each.

In the Auditorium

  • Three seats in between each student in a row
  • Every other row is skipped
  • Students will fill in front to back, middle to aisle
  • Masks are required to be worn

Additional Questions or Concerns

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mac at mmatthews@parksidechurch.com or call the church at 440-543-1212.