Middle School Students

Middle School Students


May Middle School Update


Zoom is out, GoToMeeting is in! 

The invites for small groups and Student Impact will direct you to GoToMeeting from now on. Just like Zoom, you can join the room from the website or on the mobile app with the link or ID number. 

*GoToMeeting has more security protocols in place and is non-profit friendly.


Join us Tuesday nights in May! 

There will be something to attend virtually every Tuesday night in May for students. These meetings will alternate between Virtual SI (Big Group) and individual Small Groups meeting. Tonight (4/21) individual small groups will meet.

In the weeks when Small Groups meet, either one of the residents or Mac will record a teaching video and post discussion questions on the Parkside Students YouTube channel for the small groups to discuss together. GoToMeeting invites will be sent out by small group leaders. If you aren't in a small group and want to be included, sign up here to be added to a group.

In the weeks when Virtual SI meets, a link will be sent out via the text message. Subscribe to this by texting 'ParksideMS' to 69922 and follow the prompts. These meetings will start at 7:00pm.


May and June Update 

The first Tuesday of May we will still meet virtually for the Small Groups that usually meet in local host homes to finish the last section of Philippians.

The Small Group in June is usually used as a time to reflect on the year and do something fun together. Further information will come as to what that will look like.


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