Middle School Students

Middle School Students


Making Plans for the Summer

If you’re a middle or high school student (or the parent of one), it’s not too soon to start making plans for summer break. This July 8-12, Parkside’s student ministry will head to Louisville, Kentucky, for a week-long mission trip that will focus on glorifying God through service, Bible study, and fellowship.

“I have attended four Parkside missions trips over the past few summers and these experiences have deepened my walk with Christ and have made me bolder for the gospel,” says Marita Johnson, a 10th grader at Hudson High School. “You have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, but you will not be disappointed if you go to serve others and Christ rather than get trying to get something out of it for yourself.”

Quinn Delamater agrees, “There’s just something about spending a week of your life fully immersed in serving in others that is truly satisfying to the soul.”

This year, our students will partner with MFuge, an affiliate of Lifeway Christian Resources. Through the MFuge program, our students will be offered a variety of projects that are designed to help them see similar service opportunities in our home communities when they return. Missions experiences like these can provide valuable proving grounds in learning how to share the gospel. For Ane Johnson, Marita’s sister, going on missions trips has given her more confidence to talk with people at her school and others that she encounters every day. 

“My advice for somebody [thinking about going] on the missions trip would be to go,” advises Gavin Johnson, Marita and Ane’s younger brother. “It will teach you many things and [give] you the experience to grow with your church and with God. It is very fun to be with your church group and to meet new people.”

Want to learn more? Join us this Sunday, April 7, for an information meeting at 11:15 in Room B211. Students and parents are encouraged to attend.

Please note, there are a limited number of spaces for this trip and attendance at all team meetings (May 5, June 2, June 28) is required.