Serving with our Meals Ministry

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In any significant change of circumstanceswelcoming a new baby, dealing with or recovering from an illness, or losing a loved onethe regular routines of life become disrupted. Parkside’s meal ministry seeks to provide practical care in these circumstances, offering extra support to families during new or difficult seasons of life. For volunteers, it provides a way to tangibly show others the love of Jesus and the care of the body of Christ.

“I remembered what it was like to be a young mom and trying to get meals on the table,” said Linda Staker, the coordinator for the New Baby Meals Ministry, which serves young families that have recently welcomed or adopted a new baby. “We have lots of folks who don’t have family in the area, so it is a helpful service to them.” Likewise, our Samaritan Meals Ministry provides meals during times of illness. “It’s about compassion for people who are in need,” said Marianne Richards, Samaritan Meals Ministry coordinator. 

Our Funeral Meals team helps prepare and serve a meal for families and their invited guests on the day of the funeral service at Parkside. “It takes the burden away from the family so they don’t need to provide a meal for all those people when they are grieving,” said Kim Jones, coordinator. Some volunteers come in and help serve the meal as well.

The Meals Ministry is a simple way to serve, and you don’t have to be an amazing cook to help out. Prepared foods from the grocery store and flexible drop-off times can make it easy to participate, but with a big impact. If you are interested in serving in the Meals Ministry, please sign up below or contact Linn Nash.

  • Funeral Meals: Prepare a meal and bring it to Parkside on short notice, help serve a meal, or volunteer to do both.
  • New Baby Meals: Prepare and deliver a meal to a new mom in your area.
  • Samaritan Meals: Prepare and deliver a meal in your area during an unexpected illness, surgery recovery, or other short-term need.

"You'll never know how much your kindness and service meant to us and how much we appreciated your hard work, the food was wonderful." —A funeral meal family

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