Supported Worker: Jon (& Ruthie)
Country: United States of America
Details: Pray for the Parkside soccer camp. Pray for the children coming to this fun week where they will memorize the Word of God and learn biblical truth. Pray for Andy, an Asian regional board member from Singapore, who recently learned that he needs bypass surgery. He has been given a date in September for his heart surgery. Pray that God watches over him leading up to the operation, and for the actual procedure. Pray for William Tarpeh from Liberia as he and Jon work together to develop a new discipleship program for primary schools across that country. On April 29, Jon’s new assistant, Rahel arrived in Cleveland and has already been a help. Pray that she adjusts to the USA quickly. Jon and Ruthie are thankful for our support and prayers. New Zealand (Pacific). Population: 4,669,002 Believers: 18.2%. The increasing presence of other religious and spiritual options present a challenge for Christians. The influx of immigrants from other faith backgrounds is an opportunity for Kiwis to share the gospel cross-culturally. More pressing, though, is the permeation of society with New Age spirituality. Its individualistic, non-structural, nature-attuned character appeals to many who are disillusioned with Christianity. Pray for ways for the gospel to be shared in an engaging and relevant manner; Jesus is still attractive to many who are turned off by organized religion. From Operation World DVD-ROM 2010,