Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from individuals interested in pre-maritial counseling. If you have additional questions please send us an email or call the church office at 440.543.1212.

Why does Parkside have a process, rather than simply scheduling weddings?

1. The Bible requires us as a church to take our entire approach to Christian marriage as a very serious responsibility, and so our process must be consistent with the teaching of God's Word;

2. We view the pre-marital process as a link in a mutual commitment between the couple and Parkside which will continue following marriage;

3. The calendar and the volume of requests necessitate our having a standing policy for handling wedding requests.

Are there guidelines for who may be married at Parkside?

1. Yes. By definition, a Christian marriage is comprised of a man and a woman who have individually committed their lives to Jesus Christ.  We are not free to perform the marriages of couples who have not made this commitment.  (See our Principles tab.)

2. One of the applicants is requested to have attended Parkside regularly for at least six months before applying.

3. We recommend couples already part of another church to pursue wedding plans in that church.

4. We do not consider conducting mixed-faith marriages (i.e., combination's of Catholic/Protestant/Jewish couples).

How long does Parkside's process take to complete?

1. Excluding the initial interview and approval, we require a lead time of at least six months.

2. Start the process by calling the church office at 440.543.1212.