Vacation Bible Camp

Vacation Bible Camp

FAQs for Parents

1. Do I need to pick up my child’s materials in advance or can we just show up on the first day?  It is VERY helpful if you can pick up your child’s materials in advance, as this provides you with the group your child has been assigned to as well as your child’s pick-up location. Materials are available on Sunday, June 9 in the Children's Wing playroom between 8:30-11:45am, or at designated tables near the Children's Wing desk on Monday, June 10. 

2. What are the hours for Vacation Bible Camp? VBC is from 9am-noon, June 10-14. We encourage families to arrive by 8:40am on Monday because it will take some time to find your child's group. For all other days, please drop your child off in their group by 8:55am.

3. When do I pickup up my child? Please plan accordingly to pick up children promptly at noon.

4. How do I know where to take my child on the first day? 
All children are assigned to a small group. The group is listed on the front of each child’s materials. This is why it's helpful to pick up materials in advance! Each small group has a designated section in the Auditorium (rows are labeled).  All children should go to their group’s section each morning.

5. How do I know where to pick up my child? 
The small group leader will give you a pick-up location note on the first day that your child attends so that you know where to pick up him/her. 

6. What if someone other than me is picking up my child? 
You must indicate a FAMILY PASSWORD on your child's registration. Anyone who gives this password may pick up your child. Sign-out is required to identify the individual(s) who picked up in case there are questions. 

7. What should my child wear to VBC? 
Casual attire is best (shorts, t-shirts) with close-toed shoes (no flip flops, please; tennis shoes preferred).  Your child will have a recreation time every day, and they will need to be comfortably dressed.

8. What should my child bring to VBC? Your child should bring their student book in a small backpack or drawstring bag (clearly labeled with full name). Elementary children are encouraged to bring a Bible as well.

9. My child can attend only 2 of the 5 days.  Do I still pay the entire fee? 
Yes, the fee is the same whether a child attends all 5 days or just for one day, as each child will receive the same student materials no matter how many days they attend. Scholarships are available; please email Allie Mach to request a scholarship code.

10. When can I purchase a T-shirt for my child? 
T-shirts are an optional purchase and will be available at materials' pick-up dates and during the week of VBC (while supplies last).  For 2024, our t-shirt price is not yet determined.
11. I have a child with special needs. Can he or she still attend?
We make every effort to accomodate all children and provide a wonderful week for them! Please contact Julie Pelletier directly to discuss your child’s needs.
12. What types of snacks do you provide? 
Snacks vary from day-to-day, but we offer items such as pretzels, go-gurt yogurt, grapes, goldfish crackers, and trail mix (no nuts).  We serve water to drink.
13. My child has food allergies.  Do you provide special foods for children with allergies? 
We are unable to provide special snacks for children with allergies.  We ask that parents send in a separate snack for their child if they have concerns.  Please keep in mind that snack time is usually only about 10 minutes long, so an appropriately-sized snack is requested.
14. We’ve never been to your church before, and my child is a bit nervous.  May I stay with my child? 
We understand that the size of our building and the number of children who are attending may be somewhat intimidating; unfortunately, the designated group rows cannot accommodate children, staff and parents.  We suggest that you plan to arrive early on your child’s first day and sit with your child for a bit in an unmarked row, allowing your child to have time to adjust to the environment of VBC before they join their small group (by 9:00 am) in their designated row.  Parents are welcome to sit in unmarked rows at the back of our Auditorium to view our opening assembly each morning.