Nursery Sunday Morning

Nursery Sunday Morning


Parents will find the nursery a safe and welcoming place for their young children to be while they attend worship. Nursery ministry is provided on Sunday mornings and evenings for babies and toddlers.  When children turn two years old after September 1, they remain in our nursery ministry, as we do not promote mid-year. However, beginning in February, we open a fifth nursery room, and our older toddlers have a casually structured teaching time that helps them make an easier transition into the two-year-old rooms in the fall.

Nursery care is provided in various rooms, based on ages of babies.  Depending on the service families attend, different rooms may be opened or closed at various services.  Signs with age-designations are posted at the doorway to each room.

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A Word about Security

We take the security of children very seriously.  All children's workers 18 years of age and older must be regular attendees for a minimum of six months or members of Parkside Church.  Workers are also asked to provide information for a security background check.  Throughout Children's Ministry, we have a minimum two-adult per room rule.  If you have a question about our procedures, please contact the Children's Ministry Coordinator.