Children Sunday Morning

Children Sunday Morning

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  • Sunday Children's Ministry Teams 2019-20

    Find out what "lending a helping hand" in our Children's Ministry looks like!

  • 2019 Summer Schedule for Children

    During the summer months, we have an amended schedule for our Children's Ministry.

  • Easter Sunday Updates

    On Easter Sunday, April 21, we will have an amended schedule for Children's Ministry and our Faithful Friends class (adults special needs).

  • Holiday Children's Ministry Schedule

    We have an amended schedule for children's classes on some Sundays during the holidays. 

  • September 2 Children's Classes

    On Labor Day Sunday, September 2, we offer nursery and classes up to age 5. Kindergarten-5th grade classes do not meet.

    September 9: All Children’s Classes Resume

    On September 9, all classes for children ages 2-5th grades resume at 9:45am & 11:15am. Children will move up to their new ages/grades. Children must be the age or grade of the class by September 1, 2018 or they are placed in the younger class. Digital check-in nametags will indicate the new room numbers. Children will remain in these new rooms until September 2019. We do not promote preschool children midyear when they celebrate birthdays.  

  • Event

    Kids QUEST 2018-19 Team Orientation

    Location: The Venue
    Start Time: Sun 26, Aug. 2018, 11 a.m.
    End Time: Sun 26, Aug. 2018, 12:30 p.m.

    The orientation meeting for our 2018-19 Kids QUEST teachers and helpers (Sunday morning children's classes) is on Sunday, August 26 at 8:00am in the Venue.

  • Children's Ministry Teams 2018-19

    If you consider Parkside Church to be your "home" and haven't yet found a place to get involved, we invite you join a team in our children's or special needs ministry.


  • 2018 Summer Sundays for Children

    During the summer months, we have an amended schedule for children's ministry on Sundays.

  • August Sunday School Helpers Needed

    Can you serve in ONE service on ONE Sunday during the month of August so we can give our current teams a well-deserved break?


  • May 27 Children's Ministry Schedule

    On May 27, we have an amended schedule for our children's classes.