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This Parkside Church project provides personal Pastor Book-Sets for pastors in Latin America involved in the 3-year Equipping Servants (ESI) training process.   

ESI helps Spanish speaking pastors and church leaders honor Christ as they learn to think, live, teach and serve Biblically (for more information visit We will distribute 2500 Pastor Book-Sets between 2014-2018 in major population centers in the following countries: Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia. Our ESI course facilitators mentor and train pastors and church leaders in the use of these quality Bible Study materials to increase ministry effectiveness. Our objective is to train “trainers” (local pastors and church leaders) to train other pastors.

The cost of training pastors is not included in this project, but is part of Parkside’s ESI ministry expense, which includes supervision, evaluation, development, promotion, and training of the recipients of the Pastor Book-Sets. The total cost of each Pastor Book-Set per participant is $350 for the entire 3-year process, of which each participant pays $60. The Pastor Book-Set project provides 2500 Book-Sets, while Parkside’s ESI ministry provides training in the use of the books, personal discipleship, and ministry mentoring for each participant.