Samaritan (Short-Term Illness)

Samaritan (Short-Term Illness)

General Instructions

As a general guideline, please bring meals that are ready to serve.  For instance, cook rice and noodles so they only need to be warmed before serving.  Our goal is to limit a family’s work load, so if you can prevent any step in serving the meal, please do so!


1) Bring your dinner in disposable containers so that the family will not have to return any dishes.

2) Take special note regarding food allergies or restrictions (your leader will discuss these with you).

3) Bring written directions and phone number with you when you deliver the meal in case you become lost!

4) Deliver your meal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Provide any cooking instructions in writing.

5) You do not need to call and confirm your delivery date and time, as your leader has already done so. In the event you need to change a day or time, contact your leader.

6) General meal plan should consist of a main dish, vegetable or salad, bread and dessert.

7) Please bring enough food so that the main dish can be fed to the family for two nights.