Samaritan (Short-Term Illness)

Samaritan (Short-Term Illness)


Help for the Sick

The Samaritan Meals ministry prepares meals for Parkside families who are in the midst of long-term, difficult situations.  Volunteers prepare a meal and deliver it to a family in their area who is in the midst of a difficult situation.

The Process

When a person or family is in need of meals due to surgery, extended illness or other incapacitation, they will call the church office.  A Samaritan Meal Ministry (SMM) Leader will then be assigned to coordinate the meals.  

The SMM Leader will contact the leaders of any ministries or church groups in which the family is involved.  Potential meal providers will be called to ask if they would be willing to prepare and deliver a meal to the family in need.  A day will then be assigned that is convenient for the volunteer.  The volunteer will be provided directions to the home, a delivery time, and any other pertinent information (such as food allergies or restrictions, family size, etc.).

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Please contact Alicia Horn via email if you are interested in serving on this team.