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July Book Recommendation

Many of us come to church seeking to be encouraged, kept accountable, and to be cared for as we listen to our pastor's thoughtfully prepared sermons week after week. Perhaps we have said an occasional "thank you," but have we ever considered that our pastor, like us, needs the same care and encouragement that we are looking for ourselves? In The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (but is too embarrassed to ask), author Christopher Ash points out that there may be a lack of understanding when thinking about our pastors. He addresses how congregations can neglect the seemingly obvious truth–that pastors are people, too. 

According to Ash, “We tend to see our pastors at their most polished. I want us to see them, or at least imagine them, as they are.” In his book, Ash gives us a glimpse into the lives of imperfect men who strive to point us towards a perfect God through their ministry. Why might our pastors be too embarrassed to ask us to read this book? Because this book reveals that pastors, like all of us, need care. 

Our pastors need accountability and motivation just as much as we do, and so Ash gives his readers a list of seven virtues—daily repentance and eager faith, committed belonging, open honesty and more—that teach us how to practically encourage them. If you are someone who is looking for ways to build up your pastor, grow in your walk with the Lord, and to continue to grow in fellowship with others in your church, then The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (but is too embarrassed to ask) is for you.

You can find this book at Books By The Park or at your favorite bookseller.