Establish a Spiritual Legacy Through Service

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Legacy. It’s a word not often used, and when used, it primarily refers to property or money received as part of an estate or inheritance. A friend of mine used this word when my 18-year-old son was baptized in July. She was speaking of the spiritual legacy symbolized by three young men who were baptized that night, including my son. All three of these young men represent the third generation of Parkside Church families.

I’ve pondered her comment many times over the past couple days. The dictionary defines legacy in two ways, and one definition is “something received that is a result of events in the past.” As I’ve thought about the spiritual legacy represented that evening, I can’t help but give praise to the Lord, for “this is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” How has the Lord done this marvelous work of salvation? Through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

But how did these young men come to see their need for a Savior and put their faith and trust in Jesus? It was, and continues to be, a journey that involves many people -- not only their parents and grandparents, but also the willing and committed Nursery workers, Sunday School teachers, Kids of the Kingdom leaders, VBC leaders, youth pastors, and small group leaders who served and taught them. This is our church. This is the body of Christ. And they have done two things: They have loved our children, and they pointed them to Christ. Each person who has served over the years has played a unique part in the spiritual legacy of the children at Parkside, and I thank you, not only as the director of Children’s Ministry, but also as a parent.

You might be thinking, “This is a nice sentiment, but what’s the point?” The point is this: EACH of us has a part to play at Parkside Church, to be directly involved in the spiritual legacies represented in this place.

Of course, my role as the director of Children’s Ministry is to encourage you to become a part of our Children’s Ministry team! If you’re not sure about what serving in Children's Ministry looks like, ask a current teacher or helper what serving has meant to them. Go online and read about the various needs in Children's Ministry. Find me in the Children’s Wing on a Sunday to chat and ask questions—I’d love to talk with you!

If you consider Parkside Church to be your “home church,” I ask you to prayerfully sign up to serve with preschool and elementary children this year. We have a place for you in Children's Ministry in the am or pm services. For the 2017-18 year, we are looking for 5 teachers and 34 helpers in the morning classes and 5 leaders and 15 helpers for Mission Kids in the evening.

I invite you to take part in building a spiritual legacy in the lives of children at Parkside Church so that future generations will rise up and speak of the marvelous work God has done.

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Gratefully, in Christ,
Kelly Coy
Director of Children's Ministry