How People Change

"Life is hard!" This seems to be a common refrain for the vast majority of people. Life is hard, which then in turn makes change hard. Ever tried establishing a new habit or a new routine? It’s definitely not the easiest task to undertake. Changing your communication patterns with your spouse? Seems impossible. Re-calibrating your responses with your preschooler? Don’t even mention it. Rooting out discontentment and bitterness about where God has you? Overwhelming. Making it to your Midweek Life Group? Exhausting.

Change in any situation is difficult, and yet God’s Word has so much to say about change. One of the reasons change can be so difficult is that life’s ups and downs cloud out our ability to see the goodness and mercy of God which comes to us expressly during those times. What if the ups and downs of life were actually graces from God to make us more like His Son?

Join us on March 28 for the first of two Saturday seminars on change. Over the course of the day we will study the intricacies of the human heart and see the beauty of the gospel and occupation with Christ that transforms daily life in a real and tangible way. In-depth biblical discipleship is about relationships, with God and with others.

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