The Bean Family

The Bean Family

Mark and Patti Bean are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators working among Quechua speakers in the Andes mountains of central Peru.

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  • Beans'talk December 2017

    Download the December 2017 Beans'talk with photos here.

    Every year there are SO many things to be thankful for. This year is no exception. Here are some highlights along with a brand new praise.

    Guidance and provision

    We thank God for his leading us to establish our home base here in Ohio near Mom Bean. He confirmed that to us in many ways including positive feedback from many of you. Shortly after, another confirmation was learning that Mark needs to be close to medical care.

    We thank God for a home of our own with a garage, a big deal in ice & snow country. Daily we pinch ourselves, marveling at how God provided and how he used so many of his people to fill our home with all we need and more to make it liveable.

  • Beans'Talk November 2017

    Download the November 2017 Beans'Talk with photos here.

    Bible day

    During our recent trip to Peru we got to help celebrate Bible Day! Hundreds of believers, young and old, formed up in the street to march through town carrying signs, flags, banners, and…Bibles! This year, the parade ended up at the main town square where they held an outdoor meeting. They have the Spanish Bible, and they hope to soon have the Bible in their Quechua as well. Mark was on the program to give them a taste of what’s coming. He read Old and New Testament passages in Quechua about God’s Word. 

    No Bible left behind

    We’re back in the U.S. now from our three-plus weeks in Peru, where we helped the six teams begin checking the proofs of their respective Bibles. They prefer to work together rather than each guy reading alone. By drawing up a schedule, everyone’s on the “same page,” reading through the same material. Working that way, they sometimes help each other with things they find. That way, no Bible is “left behind.”

  • Beans'talk October 2017

    Download the October 2017 Beans'talk with photos here.

    A concert in Germany

    Last week, on the 13th, there was a benefit concert in Germany for the Quechua Bibles we’re shepherding to completion. “How’s that?” you ask.

    Well actually, it was a concert our dear friend and colleague Angelika Marsch orchestrated as a gift to her church. It was a way to celebrate 30 years to the day her church commissioned her, and they have faithfully supported her ever since. After serving alongside us in Peru to help Quechua speakers learn to read in their language, she returned to Germany, where she served fourteen years as the director for Wycliffe Bible Translators there. She’s now in a new role.

    A musician herself, Angelika once had the joy of producing a CD of Quechua-German songs along with Siegfried Fietz, one of the top Christian composers of German praise music. For the celebration at her church last week, she invited Siegfried along with his son to come put on a concert. With Siegfried’s music and the Quechua songs, the concert was a success. Part-way through the concert they did a video interview with Mark via Skype, introducing the project to the concertgoers. The church leaders had suggested that an offering be collected on behalf of these six Bibles. Then, the following Sunday, when Angelika spoke in her church, a second offering was taken.

The Bean Family

Mark and Patti Bean

Mark and Patti Bean are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators working among Quechua speakers in the Andes mountains of central Peru.