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Prayer Calendar

"Pray also for us..."

So states the apostle Paul in a letter to believers in Colosse, acknowledging a somewhat stunning reality: though the Christians to whom he was writing were separated from him physically, they could nonetheless participate in his ministry! God’s people could join in God’s work of taking the Gospel to those who hadn’t heard it simply by praying for their missionary pastor.

These realities are no less true today. As a church, Parkside has been blessed with the opportunity to support many missionaries scattered around the world, all of whom are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus with people who have yet to hear and believe it. Can we really help them, being thousands of miles and numerous time zones away? According to Paul, yes! The purpose of this missionary prayer calendar is to inform you of what is going on in certain parts of the world, and invite you to participate in the work through prayer.

The format is simple. Each day, you will find a missionary or organization that Parkside supports, along with one of their specific prayer requests. You’ll also find a different country of the world and how you can best be praying for the people there.

Our hope in arranging this is that you’ll know the privilege of participating in the work of the Gospel, which as Paul also tells the Colossians, is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world. We trust that praying for the nations will increase our heart for the world, causing us to increasingly desire and work towards seeing unbelieving people of all nations become committed followers of Christ!

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Supported Worker: Jon & Ruthie Ortlip
Country: United States of America
Details: Please persevere in prayer with them on some important items. The executive leadership of Ambassadors will be getting together May 21-25: Please pray for wisdom in setting the agenda, a spirit of unity, and outcomes that are directed by the Lord. At the beginning of the year Ambassadors signed a memorandum of understanding with an evangelical church denomination of 2 million members in Rwanda. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on a training course they intend to run in the capital city of Kigali in August, where they plan to begin equipping the Church to reach the youth of the ... more >
Supported Worker: Equipping Servants Internship (ESI)
Countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay
Details: Pray for Juan Carlos, one of the ESI pastors in Oruro, Bolivia, who is leading an ESI group of 15 people there. He is considering starting a church plant in that city. Please pray for the ESI team in Santa Cruz, Bolivia as they consider starting 10 ESI groups in 10 strategic towns outside of Santa Cruz. Pray for these ESI leaders in Santa Cruz as they contact pastoral groups in Brazil and Northern Argentina in June and July to see if there might be interest in starting ESI there in 2018. Pray for the 40 pastors and church leaders ... more >
Supported Worker: Delhi Bible Institute
Country: India
Details: Pray for wisdom in choosing students for their upcoming Course in Expository Preaching and Practical Theology. Pray for the purchasing and establishment of new centres in Jammu, Patna, Bhopal, Chhattisgarh and offices in North East and South India. Pray for the 20 men supported by Parkside as they travel throughout Northern India preaching and teaching the gospel. Pray that God will protect them and provide many opportunities for David, Mani, Amar, Benjamin, Gabriel, Kalap, Suresh, Vinay, Desh, Ram, Anil, Dilip, Kamlesh, Rajendra, James, Shiv, Rajesh, Dinesh, Bhim and Sanjay to share Christ. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for ... more >
Supported Worker: Parkside Church: Westside
Country: United States of America
Details: Please pray for Mandy and Jon Hockenberger as they continue to mourn the loss of their newborn son, Isaac. Please pray for them, as well as their two young daughters, that they may know comfort from the Lord and remain reliant on Him during this difficult time. Join the church in rejoicing with those who were baptized in April, and pray for them during this tender time after their public demonstration of their faith. Please pray for the practical needs as their congregation continues to grow. They are blessed with many faithful volunteers, regular attenders, and new visitors. Please pray ... more >
Supported Worker: Pastoral Assistants
Country: Bolivia
Details: Pray for the 14 Pastoral Assistant volunteers studying 16 hours each week preparing messages and preaching through the book of Romans. Pray that pastors will build a strong commitment of Biblical friendship so they will not walk alone, but rather walk together with other pastors. Pray that church leaders will experience gospel unity in Jesus as they walk together under the banner of the cross. Antigua and Barbuda. Complacency prevails in the face of serious moral and spiritual challenges. Pray for revival that galvanizes Christians to prayer, and for involvement that impacts their society. Pray that righteous authorities and the ... more >
Supported Worker: Emily Ackerson
Country: United States of America
Details: Praise God for a great Easter outreach. About 70 students were able to hear a very clear gospel invitation and there were many students who were interested in having more conversations about the importance of Jesus and the resurrection. One student (Yao) from Taiwan placed his trust in Jesus during a follow up conversation. Pray for Yao to grow in his faith and for God to be at work in the other follow up conversations in the coming weeks. Pray for good planning and evaluation with the staff team at the end of this semester. May 18- 21 they will ... more >
Supported Worker: Brenda Ziska
Country: Austria
Details: She is thankful for prayer for their Easter service. It was well attended. Brenda was really happy that a man who had been a very good friend of Joe´s came, though his wife was sick and could not attend. They haven´t visited church or anything since Joe died. His son who has been attending the evangelistic study has become a Christian. Please pray for the summer team that will be working in Klosterneuburg from May 18 to 31. Some specific activities to pray for: the distributing of invitations on May 22nd for the Thursday evening outreach on May ... more >